Thursday, October 20, 2011


Alphabetically Speaking - Dean Martin

Welcome to Thursday in my little corner of the world, where the weather is much more to my liking.  It is very much cooler than yesterday and although not sunny it is very pleasant.   We have had a few light showers ,but really not enough to call it rain.

It is Thankful Thursday and I have so much to be thankful for I have decided to go through the alphabet and list things that way.    So here goes.....................................

  • A for the air that I breathe, avocados,Australia and Adelaide  and for Alexis and Ashleigh.
  • B for bread fresh from the oven and my new passion of beading, blogging, butterflies and Bella
  • C for children who bless my life and chocolate, cherries, my computer and crossword puzzles and Christmas.
  • D for dinner with friends, diamonds in my sky, daughters, Donors and Diane, Darren and Damon
  • E for energy and enthusiasm and education and Elizabeth 
  • F for my friends. family, fun and frivolity and my Faith.
  • G for grass cool and damp, gentle breezes,  Grace 
  • H for health and happiness, my home and Heather and Henry and Hope.
  • I for inspiration, the Internet and ice cream and Ilona
  • J for justice, John, Jenny and Jean and Jessica
  • K for kindness, kisses, 
  • L for love and laughter, lollipops, lullabyes. lessons, and Lynne, and Lyn
  • M for music, medical experts, medication, the moon, musing and Melinda,  Michelle and Maria
  • N for nourishment, Nurses, Naomi, Narelle, Nick and Nicole.
  • O for open minded people, organ transplantation, optimism and the ocean
  • P for perfume, patience and passion, pets, privacy and the colour PINK 
  • Q for quality and a quest and quizzes.
  • R for rainbows, rivers, respect, Rebecca and Ray
  • S for sunshine, shadows and serenity and salt sea mist, solitude, strawberries and Stina.
  • T for transplant team, transplant friends and trust, tenderness and truth.
  • U for understanding and beautiful umbrellas
  • V for Victory, vitality,  a velvet night and all things family Vaughan
  • W for wisdom, windows, and wonder.
  • X for  X-Rays as a diagnostic tool
  • Y for a yearning, the colour yellow
  • Z for zeal 

Wow there is quite a list there and that hardly scrapes the surface of the things I have to be thankful for.

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can find things to be thankful for - and I am thankful that you have visited me and read the "Musings from My Heart."

Love and hugs,

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Whimsicalnotions said...

Im thankfull every day that i live in such an age where i can read te writings of lovely souls like you all over the world.Where if im feeling lonely i can visit a blog anywhere in the,find a recipie i lost,look up how to clean dirty marks off walls etc all on the net.