Thursday, October 27, 2011


Day is Done - Peter Paul and Mary

Good evening from Adelaide - late in the day for me and I really don't know where the day has gone - we had a beautiful sunrise this morning and the day has been warm, but it is very overcast now and they tell us that we have rain on the way.

I tried to find an end of day song to play with this post and rediscovered this gem from Peter Paul and Mary - Day is Done - I remember it very well and can recall sitting in a coffee lounge in dim light and with a group singing this and joining it.  Lots of memories there.  I loved the group and their music and often play it still.

I have been shopping today and cooking for tomorrow night's birthday celebration.  I have been the Birthday Fairy and wrapped the gifts and I feel quite organized.

I can't believe all those years have passed since I went off to hospital at midnight after a very uncomfortable day and waited for things to really start happening.  Rebecca was born at 1.05 in the afternoon and has brought more joy to us than I could ever have imagined.

I am proud of the lovely young woman she has become and the lifestyle she has - she is happy and that is all I could ever have wished for.

Looking at both girls - I have trouble remembering where the years have gone - wasn't it yesterday when they were young?   No Linda, it wasn't - they are grown and have their own lives and I have lovely memories.

I have to collect the birthday cake in the morning and have just listened to the weather forecast and they are saying that we will have a warm night tomorrow - very nice for barbeque.

Life is good and I have made many on line friends with whom to share the journey of my life.  Many of them are also liver transplant recipients and there is a wonderful healing in being able to share similar stories and to support each other and as today is Thankful Thursday I am thankful for the technology that gives me the opportunity to access people half a world away.

I am thankful for these family times when we can gather as a family and celebrate the special day of one of us.  Food, wine, music and laughter - a wonderful way to complete the business week and ease into the weekend.

What plans do you have for your weekend - are you celebrating something special?   Just getting together is special enough to celebrate your lives.   If you can't get together - make a phone call or connect via the Internet and remember to be sure that those you love, know that you love them.  

Have a wonderful night/day and celebrate love and celebrate life.

Love and hugs,

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