Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I Want To Live - John Denver

Good afternoon from a sunny and warm Adelaide.
 I am alive and living well and the following words express my feelings


I want to live and feel alive
See a crescent moon in diamond sky,
See the daffodils in springtime,
The River running by.

I want to live and feel alive
To see my children now quite grown
Getting on with their lives
Maybe with children of their own.

I want to live and feel alive
To share great love and laughter
To learn to hold my worries in
And worry not what comes after.

I want to live and feel alive
And feel the sand between my toes
To taste the salt sea mist
And feel the sea breeze as it blows.

I want to live and feel alive
Lie in a meadow green and sweet
The sun above to warm me
And flowers at my feet.

I want to live and feel alive
And enjoy some idle days
To be gracious with my friends
And enjoy their winning ways.

I want to live and feel alive
And share another's pain
To stop and listen carefully~
This time will not come again.

I want to live and feel alive
To stand on a mountain and wonder
To see the lightening flash
And hear the rolling thunder.

I want to live and feel alive
Feel the wind blow through my hair
To stand on the ocean shore,
Alive without a care.

I want to live and feel alive
And wish and hope and dream
Knowing that the things I cherish
A part of a bigger scheme.

I want to live and feel alive
And I know that you do too,
Take my hand and walk with me
We'll make this dream come true.

© Linda J. Vaughan
15th. November 2011

This was penned after a deep and meaningful conversation with a lovely friend who shares my passion for life and so many of the things mentioned in that piece.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

I have had a "hairdo" this morning and I love the time at the Salon where they indulge me and treat me so well - it is a special morning sharing the hopes and dreams of the young staff.

I did some shopping on the way home and Christmas abounds everywhere and it is beautiful - bought some matching bits and pieces for my table and for Christmas day - I love love love it.

When I am writing I often forget to eat - so will have to remind myself  - I become preoccupied and was sitting at the traffic lights and didn't see they have turned to green.   The gentleman behind me was not impressed so I just blew him a kiss and smiled - he smiled back. 

Christmas has arrived at my home without the fairies or elves to help - I have put my tree up in the family room and it will stand empty until I can get the kids home to decorate it - but when they say the word it is ready and waiting.

I struggled for over an hour trying to put it all together only to realize that it was the wrong tree - no sympathy here - dry and droll comment "well if we only had one tree that couldn't happen"   made me smile and will make no difference - a forest of Christmas Trees will reign supreme in my home.

When I say it will stand empty - there will be two decorations on it while we wait.  We all have decorations with our names on them and the one belonging to a friend who died in 2002 will stand alone until the tree is decorated.

I also have my "Memory and Friendship Tree" on top of which shines a beautiful star to commemorate my Donor's life.  I intend to buy a special decoration each year in his honour.

Today I have had phone calls from family taking about food and now a visit too - it must be coming up quickly - time for me to step aside from my computer and get my Christmas Journal and bring it up to date.

Two years ago for Christmas I was dying -I had it with my family at home and they did everything - I ate two prawns I think for the whole day and ended up back in hospital on Boxing Day morning and I didn't come home again until April/May.  I received my new liver on 29th. December so it was a wonderful Christmas/New Year Gift.  I am alive and well and I want to go on living and feeling alive.

Thanks for visiting the"Musings from my Heart"  a heart filled with Christmas joy and anticipation today.  I hope you can find joy in your planning for Thanksgiving and for Christmas too.

Be cheerful, be kind and be loved.

Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

I love the comment "if we only had one tree". It wouldn't be Christmas with Linda with just one,
so enjoy creating a forest and may the elves and fairies pop in to help