Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Pysches © Josephine Wall
I Have A Dream - Westlife

Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday and I have a dream (I have lots of them) not so much the night time dreams - you have to be asleep for those.   But I am a daydreamer, I live in hope and anticipation of what is ahead for me.

I woke this morning to this song on my Facebook page and I was thankful and felt blessed so now I share it with you.


Come dream a dream with me
Of all the things you'd like to do
Let's share the music and the laughter
And cherish friendship true.
Dream big with me and hope
That easy will our way
Come walk beside the ocean
Feel the salt sea spray.

Come dance upon the wind with me
Forgetting all our fears
We'll run and play together
Casting aside the years.
Dream strong with me and wish
That our path will be long and true
Let's climb the mountains together
And take in all the view.

Come soar with me on eagle wings
Let's forget the days of pain,
With courage take each other's hand
And onward go again.
Dream clear with me beside you
Let me wipe away your tears
A good life, a happy life
A second change at years.

© Linda J.  Vaughan
15th. November 2011

Today is a beautiful, clear, happy and ordinary day ~ and how I love those ordinary days.   I have been out in the car and spent a short time at the shops with a head full of ideas for writing.   I have one of those mini recorders and am seriously thinking of taking it out with me so that I can record my ideas and bring them home with me.  I had it for lecture notes, but a new set of batteries should see it back in working order and pressed into service.

Our weather is heating up and we have a forecast for 37 for Friday (almost 100) and then a change overnight and back to mid twenties.  We have had some really scorching long hot stretches here in Adelaide over the past few years and each time I have missed them by being in hospital.    We had a Truck carrying chocolate roll over on a main road in 44 degree heat (almost 112) and the chocolate was literally running down the gutters.  I don't like the hot weather and it can be so dangerous.

Still, today is lovely as I celebrate 98 weeks of life with "Oliver" (that's my new liver's name) and I rejoice and weep for joy.   It is 686 days and yes, I;m counting each and every sweet one of them.   A special friend has just celebrated 40 days with his new liver and is doing so well - a living, shining example of the wonder of tissue and organ donation and transplant - Congratulations Joe.

I am well into Christmas mode and have been fiddling this morning and I am covered in pink glitter and my keyboard shines - I love it.  Bling and glitter - "bling it on."

To be at this side of a transplant and feel well no way takes away the feeling and the memories of the waiting game - firstly waiting for a correct diagnosis and then waiting to be listed and that's a scary procedure in itself.   I had five full days of full on testing with appointments with every branch of the medical profession you could name.  Then I waited, wondering had I done well enough, had I passed the test, did I meet the requirements and then the relief when finally I knew I was listed.   Then of course comes the waiting for the right organ - I was blessed to only wait 8 weeks for "Oliver" and even though I rejoice I remember the sadness that my Donor's family went through.  Each milestone for me is a milestone of a much different kind for them  ~ there is never a day passes when thoughts of them don't come into my mind.

Well friends, I am off now to enjoy lunch and read a paper sent to me about another man's journey with liver disease.

I have a dream that one day the waiting will not be long and there will be enough organs as needed  - I hope, I dream and I pray for this.

Thanks for visiting the "Musings from My Heart"  a very thankful heart today.

Love and hugs,

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