Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Peter, Paul and Mary - 500 Miles 

Good Afternoon from a beautiful day in a beautiful City - Welcome to Ruby Tuesday and I hope your day is sparkling with gems and jewels all around you.

The song on this post takes me back in memory to Coffee Lounge Days when Peter Paul and Mary were very popular and I recall sitting around in semi darkness drinking coffee and listening to this music and singing along with it.

500 miles seems such a long distance and must be a significant number because the Proclaimers sing about it

But I would walk 500 miles 

And I would walk 500 more "

Distance between people can be so very difficult - those who have left family and friends find it hard to handle during special seasons of the year and times of family loss. When someone they love is ill and distance prevents them being their they are heart sore.

Distance separates all of us at times from those we care about but we live in a wonderful time when the technology available to us can bring people right in to our living rooms.  A ringing telephone can bring surprise/shock and happiness to people when a call is made "just for".  

I made a call today to someone I feel I know so very well, but have never met in person.  The call was over great distance and for a few brief minutes we were connected "live" and it was very special to both of us.  This call was over far more than 500 miles and the instant nature from dialing the number to having the phone answered is amazing.   Dial the number and in less than 30 seconds the connection is made.  It really made my day shimmer and shine - a great thing for Ruby Tuesday.  

Sometimes we have to "bite the bullet" and do something completely out of the ordinary and choose to change some one's day by surprising them - I did and am so very glad I did.

Christmas is getting closer and I have been fiddling with Christmas things - including tinsel - and I certainly knew that it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas when I found tinsel down my bra.  When I told friends and it made them smile. 

I have lots of things to complete before "The Most Wonderful time of the year" and am enjoying every sweet moment of preparation and mess - my adage is that "you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs" and looking around this room it is going to be a very big omelet as I have broken quite a few eggs and made a big mess.

Life is sweet and beautiful - I find joy in the little things and was thankful yesterday for a nurse who listened when I told her the best place to collect blood and didn't think that she knew better.   The procedure went well and the results will be with my Transplant Team in preparation for a clinic appointment on Friday.

On that happy note I shall go and get on with Christmas things - have a "cracking" good time (couldn't resist) and enjoy the daily, everyday things and anticipate the special times with pleasure.

Take special care and in my mind "I walk five hundred miles" to see you and talk with you, whereas in reality I need only connect to my computer and there you are - my special friends.

Those telephone times are extra special and I am thankful for Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone and I would rather go without my dinner than without my phone.

Thanks for visiting - please come back soon and I send love and hugs,


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