Saturday, November 12, 2011


"Galleries of Pink Galahs"

John Williamson - "Galleries of Pink Galahs"

"Galleries of pink galahs,
Crystal nights with diamond stars,
Apricots preserved in jars,
That's my home.

Land of oceans in the sun,
Purple hazes, river gum,
Breaks your heart when rain won't come,
It breaks your heart.

It takes a harsh and cruel drought
To sort the weaker saplings out,
It makes room for stronger trees
Maybe that's what life's about.

Winter's come, the hills are brown,
Shops are closed, the blinds are down.
Every body's leaving town,
They can't go on.

The south wind through verandah gauze
Whines and bangs the homestead doors.
A mother curses dusty floors,
And feels alone.

Trucks and bulk bins filled with rust,
Boy leaves home to make a crust.
A father's dreams reduced to dust,
But he must go on.

Tortured red gums - unashamed,
Sun burnt country wisely named.
Chisel-ploughed and wire-claimed,
But never, never, never tamed.

Whirlwind swirls a paper high,
Same old news of further dry.
Of broken clouds just passing by,
That's my home."

© John Williamson

Good Morning and welcome to a beautiful Saturday morning in my little corner of the world - we are forecast for 30 degrees (88) and rain later in the day - all is well and I am looking forward to a productive day.  I have lots of things planned - but am going to include an afternoon nap so that I am bright eyed and bushy tailed for my outing this evening.
Ilona and I are going to a John Williamson concert which we have had booked for five months and it seemed it would never get here - but today is the day.

We are having dinner out at an Italian Restaurant in the City and I am excited about both dinner and the Show - and hoping it all goes well.   I am sure it will.

Well, here we are at the weekend - What are your plans for these two days when we like to lower the speed, change gear and just cruise a little slower?

I know some of you have plans for a weekend by the sea and in winter weather I can think of nothing nicer - hope it brings all the joy and pleasure you are looking for.   Travel safely and ENJOY.

My plans for today are for to do some working on Christmas things because is it really on it's way at a very great pace.  I need to sort through gifts and re-write shopping lists and get into the spirit of things.

I have lots of other things to do but I will just take things steadily and perhaps play some lovely music or watch a DVD while I work on things.   A lovely day ahead for me.

I hope you can find lovely things to do and special people to share your days with - perhaps your little children are excited about Christmas coming - make some Christmas craft with them - some decorations for your tree.   I still have some made by my girls over 30 years ago and if I happen not to put them out - they go looking for them.

Perhaps you day will take you to a beach on a warm day - cover up Slip Slop Slap etc. but enjoy the water and the waves, or maybe you will walk down a green and shaded lane - wherever you are recall that we do indeed living in a beautiful world and be thankful.

I am writing again and listening to much more music and feeling very much more alive and I offer thanks to a special someone who has brought this about.

Health wise - feet still a little swollen and I am off for bloods on Monday so hoping all is well.

Thanks for visiting and reading the "Musings from My Heart" - a heart and head full of music and the joy of being alive.

Love and hugs,

P.S. - there were five galahs on my front lawn this morning.

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