Sunday, November 13, 2011


John Williamson - The Cootamundra Wattle

Good Morning and welcome to my world on a very overcast Sunday morning - there is certainly a storm brewing and it will be interesting to see how the weather develops today.
It is quite warm as was yesterday - how lucky we are to have air conditioned cars, restaurants and theatres.

Last evening was the culmination of five months of looking at the tickets on my desk and waiting for a night out with a friend  and consisting of dinner and The Show.
We chose an Italian restaurant for dinner and relished the cuisine - garlic bread, risotto and a nice South Australian "white" (water) for me - and we got caught up in the Feast Festival. Parade.  Lots of people celebrating diversity and it saddened me to see them being harassed by a group of local Street Preachers.

Then it was off to the Show and boy was there a crowd mostly older people - a cool environment and comfortable seats and it was time to start.

I recall Williamson's advent on the music scene in Australia in the late sixties and like me he has aged and mellowed, but still has the humour, talent and music.  It was a great show- he started with his traditional "Mallee Boy" and finished with "Tue Blue".

My particular joy came when he sang my all time favourite "Cootmundra Wattle" and I quietly wept like a baby - the lyrics just reach and touch my very soul.

"Don't go lookin' through that old camphor box woman,
You know those old things only make you cry.
When you dream upon that little bunny rug
It makes you think that life has passed you by
There are days when you wish the world would stop woman,
But then you know some wounds would never heal
But when I browse the early pages of the children
It's then I know exactly how you feel. 
Hey it's July and the winter sun is shining
And the Cootamundra wattle is my friend
For all at once my childhood never left me
'Cause wattle blossoms bring it back again 

It's Sunday and you should stop the worry woman,
Come out here and sit down in the sun
Can't you hear the magpies in the distance?
Don't you feel the new day has begun?
Can't you hear the bees making honey woman,
In the spotted gums where the bellbirds ring?
You might grow old and bitter cause you missed it,
You know some people never hear such things 

Hey it's July and the winter sun is shining
And the Cootamundra wattle is my friend
For all at once my childhood never left me
'Cause wattle blossoms bring it back again 

Don't buy the daily papers any more woman,
Read all about what's going on in hell.
They don't care to tell the world of kindness,
Good news never made a paper sell.
There's all the colours of the rainbow in the garden woman,
And symphonies of music in the sky.
Heaven's all around us if you're looking,
But how can you see it if you cry. 

Hey it's July and the winter sun is shining
And the Cootamundra wattle is my friend
For all at once my childhood never left me
'Cause wattle blossoms bring it back again."

He sang new songs from an album to be released in January and some are very lovely and I will look forward to listening to them as they are released.  He is passionate about Australia and believes that "Uluru" is the heart and spirit of this wide brown land and sang "It's Raining on The Rock".  I too love this wide brown land - it is not the country of my birth but I am Australian by choice.  It was all very special and most enjoyable (although some people were very loud and inconsiderate).   It was great to listen to so many of his songs - I am glad I went.

It was a busy day in Adelaide yesterday with Santa arriving and thousands of people out and lining the streets to welcome him to town.  Children with clown noses, painted faces and lots of chalk drawings on the roads done by children to alleviate the boredom while waiting for the jolly old Gent to arrive.    This big kid watched his arrival on television and relived memories of other days when I would have been in the crown with my little children.

Children waiting for Santa
I spent the day in the cool wrapping prizes for our Christmas Quiz (all done in matching colours).  The Christmas Quiz has become a tradition in this family - after our meal we have the quiz - answer a question and choose a gift.  When all the gifts are taken everyone then trades and barters for the gifts they would really like and boy is there some wheeling and dealing done.   I love to watch the interaction and listen to the silly things they say.

Basket One of Goodies
Basket two of Goodies

It was fascinating to watch from the Restaurant windows the fashions, the Parade and the number of people out and about in our City in the early evening.  It was great to be out in the real world and to shake that "cabin fever" as it was too for a friend spending a weekend  by the sea and out and about shopping.  First real adventure into the world since his liver transplant five weeks ago and he is doing very well .  It delights me to know he is out and about and part of the human race again.

Well that's it from me for this morning - a nice morning as part of a nice weekend.

Thank you for visiting the "Musings from my Heart"

Love and hugs,

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Diane said...

Sweet Linda, thanks for sharing. Glad you are finally getting some warmer weather were expecting just the opposite..:) Have a great week to come..

Hug Diane