Friday, December 2, 2011


Enya - How Can I Keep from Singing

Good Morning and welcome to Friday Morning in my little corner of the world - the sun is shining and the birds are singing.  I slept fitfully but am awake and alive on this Friday morning for me.

It is not yet 10.30 and there has been much joy in my day already.   The day started as it usually does for me with a cup of steaming coffee and a full email box to get through - lovely ordinary pattern to my day.   I then chatted with a friend and checked a group and there was laughter and sharing there - Oh the joys of friendship.

I was fortunate enough to share some photographs from a friend and as promised have deleted them - photographs are only a reflection of an image - the real person is inside  - rather like age and weight are just numbers. 

Green traffic lights , no congestion and no waiting at the Post Office - even time for a cheery chat with Donna and Pam and oh the joy of finding something special on sale at the Post Office.  What happened to Post Offices just being Post Offices - now they even sell sewing machines.,!!!     No I didn't buy a sewing machine - I have a perfectly functioning one of those.  But I did buy and am delighted with - a very reasonably priced pack of Dr. Seuss books:
  • The Lorax
  • Thidwick The Big-Hearted Moose
  • I can read with my eyes shut
I was wanting to buy a copy of Oh the places You'll go for Ashleigh who just turned 16 and haven't got to the Book Shop yet - so problem solved - Book in the mail to Miss Sweet Sixteen on Monday.
The three remaining books will go in my "gift cupboard" and will find a home with a child soon enough.

I had to wait in line at the $2.00 shop but it was a chance for a chat with two lovely ladies and then it the car park a big burly workman was having morning break in his truck (eating a pie in a paper bag) - I smiled and he said "Have a good day Mate.! - oh the joys of living in Australia where I am the workman's "Mate"  bless him he made me smile. 

  In the car and home again -  with Billy Joel singing away on my CD player that has only recently decided to work again.  Italian Restaurant was the tune I drove home to - no red lights and easy traffic, a lovely Christmas card in the mail, a parcel (but not the one I am longing for) .

Home to more laughter and music - Life Is Good.  It's been a real Australian morning - sharing Waltzing Matilda with a friend, and "Clancy of the Overflow" with a very warm and caring Love Your Liver Group.

I am finding lots of bruises lately - must be my medication and my clumsiness - I never recall hitting myself but the bruises just appear - they also go away too.  

This is what I have woken to this morning on my patchy Stevens Johnson skin.  It is a bruise - another mark that proves that I am indeed alive and living well.   Hey, the skin may not be decorative but it is functional and that's what counts and I beat Stevens Johnson and am alive to tell the tale.  Look it up sometime if you have a strong stomach - it is not for the faint hearted.

I shall get on with my day and do the chores that I have to do with a thankful heart - and thank God for dirty dishes .

"Thank God for dirty dishes
They have a tale to tell
While other folks go hungry
We're eating very well."

I have laundry to do and other things - I don't like four letter words - wash, iron, cook, dust, tidy, etc. etc. but these things must be done and I am thankful to be well enough to do them.  

This morning has brought such joy to me and chased away any melancholy that was lingering.   Thank you to all who were part of that and with all that is happening in my life 'HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING?"

I wish you all a beautiful day/evening/night wherever you are and no matter what time zone you are in - you are in my thoughts and prayers - I am blessed indeed.

Love and hugs,

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