Thursday, December 1, 2011


Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.

Good afternoon and welcome to Thankful Thursday - a beautiful day filled with sunshine where I live - I have achieved much today, although it's taken a while.

John and I worked on changing the too if a small table to match another one which will abut the main dining table and make it comfortable for eleven people on Christmas Day.   It was lovely to watch him work with tools and timber - a passion of his working life, but also sad to see the arthritis taking over at times.  He like me is stubborn and wouldn't ask for help , but I was able to hold  timber etc. while he did the sawing and the sawdust in my hair doesn't matter a scrap.   I love the warm smell of timber as it cuts before the saw and was happy working with him.  He thought we didn't have to make this change, but I assure him it is what I wanted - so bless him he just rolled his eyes and got on with the job.  I am thankful for that.

I am thankful today for the lovely memories I have of my girls decorating the family Christmas tree last night and for the banter and conversation over dinner as we discussed the "The Ghosts of Christmas Past." and many of the funny things they remember.  Alexis and Naomi brought me a gift - a tiny Christmas tree that changes colour and operates by battery and it currently pink and sitting on my desk.

I still have much to do but it is all falling into place and looking lovely - the tree is delightful, but the star is lost - we can't find it anywhere - some more investigation to be done and it will be off to buy a new one should we not find it.

I am thankful as always for the Internet which gives me a window to the world and time with friends and for those friends I give thanks.   I am thankful for their sensitivity and care when they show emotion on thinking of my illness.

We had our own Grinch with us last night - Rebecca doesn't really like Christmas whereas Naomi is like me and loves everything about it.   Rebecca did however hang decorations and repair those that were broken.   I wouldn't have minded if she had just sat there talking to her Dad (who also is a bit of a Grinch)  just to have my "babies" at home with me for dinner and to do the tree was so very special.

Naomi and Alexis putting the lights on first.
It is serious business and requires concentration.

Detail of the tree - minus the star.

So that's where it is at at my house and when I discovered I still have lots of decorations and I said I will have to get another tree for them - everyone groaned. !! and I grinned !!  they are never quite sure what I will get up to next.

We had cold dinner - lots of salads and chicken and "vegetarian chicken"  (some sort of meat substitute)  and a birthday cake for Miss Alexis whose birthday we missed when she was away on business.

I was sad when the evening was over but glad to crawl into my bed and give thanks for everything I have in my life. 
I have a home, family, friends, good neighbours, and I am able to share laughter and fun with them and to delight in their company and care of me.

I am very blessed, so on this Thankful Thursday - I am Thankful.

Thanks for calling by and visiting  "The Musings of my Heart" - it is a thankful heart today.

Love and hugs,

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