Monday, December 26, 2011


Welcome to Monday - the day after Christmas and although Christmas morning was hot in Adelaide, as the day progressed the wind got up and turned to the west and brought cool breezes and much milder conditions so how can I keep from singing.

Christmas came and went for me in a blur of pink and purple and an amazing haze of love and care- I am indeed blessed to share the love of friends and family. To feel the love at this special time of year was just lovely.

My day started early when I woke and big kid that I am, was too excited to go back to sleep.  Two of my girls arrived early and we took time out from Christmas to look at a book of photographs in which their friend features  - beautiful book, wonderful photographs and a special shared time.

Alexis then moved from here to the Airport to collect her brother coming home for Christmas and we got on with the day- and What A day !!  Final touches to be put to food platters, tables, and packages.  My tables groaned with food and as the day progressed I was sure there was enough wrapping paper to cause serious damage to an Amazon rain forest.
Our special family member Narelle did her bit for conservation with her ingenious wrapping of the gifts that she had bought for Rebecca.   All wrapped in beautiful dish towels and not a piece of paper in sight.  Well done Narelle - you inspire me.

By noon the house had become a busy place with everyone here and greeting each other -so nice to get so many together, and the 13 year old and the 15 year old I was apprehensive about being comfortable with so many adults, surprised me and engaged with everyone, took part in things and were a delight.  Lots of food, lots of laughter and some very tender moments too.

Naomi proposed a toast at the commencement of our lunch and I was once again overwhelmed by the beautiful young woman I saw before me - she is intelligent and articulate.   She proposed a toast as follows:

To family and friends and the love which brings and binds us together.
To those who could not be with us and those who have left our circle forever
To the freedom we have to gather and celebrate thus.

She raised a glass to Absent friends.

 Narelle then proposed a toast to my Donor family, "without whom none of us would be gathered at this table today."   
It was very beautiful and I was able to have everyone around me and quiet enough to listen to my thanks for all that they have done and continue to do for me.

Food glorious food and more than enough - it was amazing - then it was into gift exchanges and it is lovely to watch everyone open their gifts and see the happiness of both the giver and the receiver.   Some very smart thinking had gone on in family homes around Adelaide.

My gift giver in our Kris Kringle event was Tracey - and she had heard my oooing and ahhhing over this lovely gift set.

I can't wait for it to rain and they call me the "Bag Lady"

My Lady Grey tea will certainly taste better from this set. 

Our Christmas Quiz, the prizes and the bartering and exchanging was hilarious and I am sure everyone enjoyed it and ended up taking home a selection of useful or otherwise things.

I did some nifty wheeling and dealing to get the pink egg cup and pink fruit knife I wanted - Victory was mine and the laughter was loud and strong.  It was lots of fun but all things come to an end and it was time for some to move on to other functions.  I was left with four at my table for the evening meal - the oldest four who just took it quietly, reviewed the day and sat around an mulled over a beautiful beautiful time together, how the kids have grown, and how blessed our family is to have been added to from the best of other families.

How can I keep from singing?  My day today has been much quieter and much different - visit from some of the girls and John, Ray and I had lunch together and I still have food left over.

The day for me was a reminder of the Christmas when I was so ill and how I just sat back and watched my amazing girls just take over and do it all.

My heart is full and I truly did have a beautiful time at this Most Wonderful time of the year.  There is a "Smile Box" presentation of our day and this is the link:

See some silliness and what the demolition squad did to my lovely table - which was my gift to my family and I loved every moment of putting it all together and wore my purple skirt and pink top - to lots of laughter and comments such as "OMG you match" from Rebecca, " "you are something else Mum" from Naomi and from John "Very nice" with the wryest of smiles.  Narelle had beaded a necklace which I thought was for her, but it was a gift to me and of course it is pink and purple.

That's my day in a nutshell and "How can I keep from singing" and before I go - a moment of stillness:

"Peace is found not only in the desert or in remote and silent monasteries, but in the tumult of the market place and the pulse of the human heart."

I took some time out this afternoon and slept for two hours - the most peaceful sleep I can remember in a long time. 

Thank you for visiting The Musings of my Heart - a tinsel filled and thankful heart.

Love and hugs to you all.

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