Monday, December 19, 2011


Christmas tree in my Family Room.

Good Morning and welcome to a cool and beautiful morning - the city has been washed by the storms and is fresh and beautiful.   We are forecast for a few showers today but the weather is then on the improve and we have a forecast of 36 degrees for Christmas day - a hot one for us so our cold meal will suit perfectly.

I am sitting playing Christmas music and have my coffee with me and enjoying some early morning quiet time - I am guessing that the week will become busy from now on and "soon it will be Christmas Day" I do have lots of things to do but I am taking things slowly and doing them as I can and as I think of them.  I have always been a list maker, but since my episodes with Hepatic Encephalopathy I have to be careful to make more lists and I also have to remember to check them.    I am the Queen of List Makers.

I am still working on my word for 2012 and no further advanced, I guess that decision can wait until the time between Christmas and New Year when there will be time to think without the pressure I put on myself.   Until them my word for this year 'ATTITUDE' is still with me and today I am working on an attitude of compassion to those for whom this time of year does not hold all the joy it does for me.    I shall try to bring them along to my point of celebration, and acknowledge that the feelings they have are valid.    There are those in my family who do not feel the tinsel in their hearts, but who celebrate richly for me and I am thankful for that.

An attitude of JOY is living in my heart - not just the seasonal joy, but the pure joy that comes from shared friendships and times spent in conversation - flippant and the deep and meaningful sort.   All valid and cherished.

Laughter is so special in our lives and I woke this morning to this photograph in my messages from my friend Joe who is 10 weeks out from a liver transplant and is really ready to FLY.  The snuggie has been "enhanced" to include the liver transplant scar.    Thank you Joe for the love, laughter, music and joy you bring to my life.

Fly free - fly far SuperJoe - faster than a speeding bullet soar on eagles wings.

love from your Lois Lane
Changing the tempo for a little while and "A Moment of Stillness" for today is:

"Each dawn a genesis
a new beginning
a resurrection
a promise.

Moving out of darkness into light.

A time to rejoice
a moment neither dark nor light
a time to delight. "

I hope your day is progressing well and that if you have been celebrating birthdays, weddings, parties of any kind there has been enough there for you to make memories that will last for a very long time - store them away safely - they will serve you well.

I know that our outdoor Carols by Candlelight went ahead anyway in spite of the wet weather and I am sure that everyone enjoyed themselves.

I am off to be a "Domestic Goddess" for a while - although I don't like the four letter words involved - dust, iron, wash, cook etc. but I do love my life and the people in it.

Loads of love and hugs as the momentum gathers to "The most Wonderful time of the Year."   I hope there is lots of tinsel in your hearts and that like me you are suffering a good dose of "tinselitis"

Thanks for visiting The Musings from My Heart and for sharing my joy.

Queen of list Makers.

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