Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Tuesday and it is still HOT in my little corner of the world - it did cool a little overnight but another sizzling summer day for us today.

I posted this image on my Facebook wall for all the world to see and in conversation with someone special I was called "Sassy" - which made me smile big time.   

I want to be awesome in so many ways.   I want to be an awesome friend with a smile that takes in the world,  I want to be awesome enough to practice random acts of kindness, to be stress free and that WILL be awesome.  I want to show awesome care to those who need it, to love my family and special friends in an awesome way.

There are so many "awesome" things I want to be and I am working on it - I want to see the world through eyes filled with beauty, to feel another's pain and reach out to them.  I want to be INSPIRATIONAL (bearing in mind that INSPIRATION is my word for 2012)  and I want to be "AWESOME" and "SASSY" in the nicest possible way.

It is my plan to sprinkle my days with kindness and joy and hope that it rubs off on those I encounter in my daily living, my family and my friends.  To bring warmth and compassion to those who are not travelling well..
Life is indeed a journey not a destination and I am enjoying my journey very much - so many lovely things have happened to me and I am standing facing the sun so that my shadows, although still there, are behind me and I respect them.

My illness and transplant are what happened to me and they do not define me - I am who I choose to be.

I know there will be days when the sun will not shine quite so brightly for me and just as sure as I am of that, I am sure that there are those who love me who will catch me when I fall.  No, rather they will catch me before I fall down a big hole.  I am blessed indeed.

Stop for just a moment and count your blessings  - mine are too many to list but I am thankful for each one of them and know that they are there in my life.  I hope you can see yours in the sunlight and love of your friends and family.

"May there always be a sunbeam to warm you,
 a moonbeam to charm you and a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you."

With love and hugs to you all and my thanks for reading the Musings from my Heart - a "sassy and awesome" heart today.

Love and hugs,


Joe said...

Hey Sassy Sue.....Nice Post. I hope you enjoyed your bowl full of cherries. LOL.....Just you wait! Love and Kisses. Joe

Tiili said...

Sassy people do eat mango in the bath and we all know where you eat yours!