Monday, January 2, 2012


Good Morning on this second day of the year - it is Monday and very very hot in my lovely City.  We had the hottest New Years Day for 112 years - so the hottest one I have ever known.  I don't like it - it saps my energy and leaves me feeling blah but this is Australia and this is summer so deal with it we must, and I do.

Part of life is the changing of the seasons and going from holiday to holiday - and for me Christmas is slowly coming down.   This morning I have taken all 85 Christmas cards down and will now read them all again and respond to those that need a reply.   You blessed me indeed with your greetings and I noticed with great interest how many had sent purple/pink cards to match my theme, how many had chosen cards with Christmas trees because they know of my love for them.   There are many with little Teddy Bears and many Jolly Old Santa's have been mine.    I love cards - I love the fact that they come from your hands to mine.  You held them and wrote them and they were carried by many other hands until they arrived with me. As I read them I think of you all and the joys and sorrows we have shared on our journey - it keeps you close. 

I shall keep the cards in my desk drawer and take them out again during the year and read them again.

New Year Celebrations all over the world are now over and it is now down to the real task of living, and I wish you a joyful love filled day touched with music and laughter.

I have spoken on the phone with friends who, like me are hibernating from the sun and the heat. There are many joys to be had in summer time ~ long tall drinks filled with chipped ice, lovely seasonal fruits and crisp salads with sharp dressings and of course - cool changes and I am looking forward to the change which is expected to reach us on late Tuesday bringing temperatures down to much lower.

There are joys to be had all around us if we look hard enough - there are joys to be had in sharing the happiness and fun of others through their words and the sharing of Photographs.  I love the Internet - it means I can receive photographs almost instantly of celebrations on the other side of the world. - we have become a Global Village.  I am glad we are neighbours in this Global Village.

Enjoy your day - or if night time is with you - I wish you a sweet and peaceful sleep and I hope that many joys are yours - 

"Learning to be present to the present is mindfulness
 and in recollection,letting go of fear, 
trusting the dark ~ the beginning of serenity."

Thank you for visiting the Musings from My Heart - a heart that is very mindful of it's blessings.

Love and hugs,

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