Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome to the first day of the year for me in my little corner of the world and it is hot, hot, hot.
The sun is beating down and although it is early it is already hot.  Summer in Australia - got to love it.

Well my friends here we are at the door of the year - with a whole blank canvas in front of us waiting for the brush strokes of our lives to be painted on it.  It's rather like when I was a child and got a new book to write in at School - how I promised I would keep it neat and tidy - and yet as the days wore on it became a little dog eared and less than pristine but it told a story of my school days.

That's how I feel today - I have this page in front of me on which to write and I know that the end result will be interesting and colourful and will tell the story of how my days have been.   There will be warm and rich colours placed there by the love and care bestowed on me and cool and calming colours that others will add to my days to comfort and to guide me.

There will be days when the story isn't the way I would like it to be, but has been affected by circumstances and pain, but underneath it all I shall write my story.  It shall tell of the challenges and victories of my days - it will be the story of my LIFE, my LOVE and will be open to LIGHT to chase any shadows away.

I wish you all a very happy new year - a year filled with positive thoughts and things that delight and enchant you.   I wish you love and laughter and music to stir your soul. I wish you daffodils in springtime, walks by the ocean, the salt sea mist on your face and lips.  I wish you a diamond studded sky and a warm and cosy bed with a soft and downy pillow where you can lay your head.    A good book, chocolate and cherries, the laughter of children and the love of family and friends.  Quiet evenings at home, good conversation and a table fully spread.   Family meals and celebrations and I wish you a welcoming light and shelter from a storm.

I hope you are able to watch raindrops down your window and splash in puddles - that you are indeed able to make your whole life a celebration.    This is my intention this year - come away with me and make it yours.

Let's paint on the canvas, write on the page and enjoy every beautiful moment of LIFE.

My new year celebration involved conversation with someone I love very much and a sweet sweet long distance phone call - life is indeed SWEET,

Thanks for visiting the Musings from My Heart on what for me is an amazing and beautiful first day of the year.  From a heart overflowing with a love for life.  

"The soul of the world is the pulse of the unfathomable, 
the heartbeat of all creation, mysterious and sacred beyond words."

Love and hugs,


Danielle said...

How right you are, Linda! I love your optimism. Everything you have wished for your readers is wished back upon you. God bless you!

Joe said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful life! I love you Sweetie!