Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Welcome to Wednesday and it is a little cooler in my little corner of the world this morning after another hot night.  Our sky is heavy and the air is humid and there is the promise of rain.  It has been the hottest start to summer for many years and wonderful for those on holidays near the beach or on the River.  Staying covered up from the sun is always a challenge with Children as they tend not to want to wear sunblock, hats and shirts.

Slip on a shirt
Slop on some sunblock
Slap on a hat
Seek out some shade
Slurp on some water
Slide on some sunglasses

Following the rules does make for more comfortable days - but I am guessing most of us have had sunburn at one stage or another - Ouch  it certainly does hurt and we are much more aware of the danger of the sun than we used to be.

The lovely seasonal fruits grown here in Australia are delightful at this time of year - I have in my fridge grapes, mangoes, peaches, apricots. strawberries, rock melon (cantaloupe)  and of course the sweetest of all - cherries and for me life is just a bowl of cherries.    Life, like the cherries has it pits. but it is sweet, colourful and very tender.  Unlike the cherries the sweetness can be taken in larger amounts.   I love it when my fingers are stained with cherry juice - it is a reminder of their colour and the way that friendship stains my life.  Cherry red is a beautiful colour and long after the cherries are gone the stains are there.  I am thankful for the friends whose touch stains my life with love, joy and care.

More of Christmas is coming down here and I am gathering all the red balls I can to store with the gold ones so that decorating the tree Christmas 2012 will be easy and there will be no hunt for them.  They will be stored in a plastic crate with lid in the garage - so you know where they are if I forget.

I received all the lovely post Christmas bills in the mail today and was actually very surprised and pleased.   There was an error on my MasterCard Account and I spent over and hour on the phone with the Bank trying to get it sorted out.  I ended up asking for the Team Leader or the Manager and we soon got it sorted.   "I am sorry Linda, but the bank has made a error just deduct $82.00 from your payment and that will be fine."   All is sorted but such a waste of time and I had to identify myself numerous times by answering the same questions to each team member - very frustrating, but all sorted now. 

How grateful I am to be able to do these sorts of transactions over the phone without having to leave my cool home.

I am going to Office Works today - if I am not back to Blog for Thursday you best send out a search party and you will know where to look.  I love that shop    and could spend lots of time and lots of money in there.  I am on a mission though not a browsing trip.  I know what I am going for but you can be sure I will be distracted for a while.

I hope you have been able to get some bargains in the post Christmas sales - I have kept away from the crowds but have picked up some things.  I hope that for you too there are the sweet fruits of friendship and hope in your lives.
Love and laughter are very sweet, sprinkled with music and dance.

This is a warm fuzzy I received in my messages this morning - big smile here. 

I hope there are cherries in your bowl and that your fingers are stained and I am glad you visited the Musings from my heart today. 

Love and hugs from a Sassy heart today.

Linda (aka as Sassy Susan)

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Joe said...

You are my bowl of cherries in the middle of a dark grey winter here in Philadelphia! How lovely!