Sunday, February 19, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Sunday in Adelaide where the morning is breaking through and the birds are singing.   We are forecast rain, but hoping it keeps off for the morning so that the Rose Planting Ceremony can go ahead.   Our gardens could certainly use some rain.  

This beautiful rose is the one to be planted this morning in the Donate Life Garden to commemorate and celebrate organ donors everywhere and in particular those of the year 2011.

As a transplant recipient I clearly acknowledge that I owe my life to the generosity of a special family in their hour of grief and this morning's ceremony is to pay tribute to those sort of families.
My donor is remembered everyday of the life I have been given.   

There are other organ recipients that I know - Lizzie McGregor here in Adelaide,  who received a Kidney 20 years ago and is in great health.  Joe in Philadelphia who has the joy of knowing that his donor's named was Seth.   Melissa continues to do very well since her transplant a few days ago and I will remember the family that gifted her with life.  Of course there are my friends in Love Your Liver and all the other on line groups I belong to ~ we are a very thankful bunch and I shall be thinking of those donor families.   

Little Ethan who has just celebrated his third transplant birthday, two little girls names McKenzie  both struggle with issues but are both still fighting on.  Crosby and Tater's donors are also on my thankful list and of course beautiful Brooke who received a heart six months ago.

Sadly there are so many awaiting a transplant and my love and prayers are with you all.

Little Ethan and twin brother Eli with Ethan's third transplant birthday cakes.
Brooke six months after transplant

This is the launch of Donate Life week in Adelaide and there are lots of other events on around the City and in country areas - if you can get along to any of them please do.   There will be people visiting our Universities as part of their first week and making sure the word about organ donation is spread far and wide.

My love and thoughts are with you all as you struggle with whatever is happening for you.  Keep your spirits up and may your heart find comfort in special ways on this Sunday.

Shopping was a joy this morning - people are starting to smile back at me and it is great.  The girl that checked my food through was a true delight and it made the whole painful process of shopping quite a happy event.  As I walked back to my car I chatted with a gentleman who, on arriving back at his car said "It has been a pleasure talking with you; it has made my day."  Random acts of kindness certainly do work and I hope you can find some to do.

By the time I post this Saturday will have arrived for our Northern hemisphere friends and I hope it is the first day of a good weekend.   America has President's Day on Monday so that means they will have a long weekend and I hope that it is a day when special times can be spent together and rest and refreshment can be found. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday /Saturday wherever you are in this crazy world ~ I am time challenged and get mixed up very easily.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of my Heart  ~ a reflective heart this morning and also a very thankful one. 

Love and hugs,

I am thankful for the Angels who give us the gift of life

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