Friday, February 17, 2012


Good Morning from a very pretty city still bathed in the colours of morning and just waking up.  Today holds the promise of a pleasant summer day with warmth and sunshine without being too hot.

I didn't sleep very well last night but that was because of excitement - a very sweet lady, a member of the Group "Love Your Liver" messaged in to say she had a call at 1.30 in her morning from her transplant co-coordinator putting her on "standby" and we were able to share the waiting time with her.  Three hours of waiting to know if this was a happening thing or not must have seemed like an eternity to Melissa.  When the call came through that she should make her way to the hospital there were many tears of joy and I am delighted to report that surgery went well and Melissa is now in ICU recovering with her new liver.

We are all delighted, but very aware that this gift of life means that another family somewhere is going through the grief of losing a loved one and my thoughts and prayers are with that family.
Without Donor Families the situation would be so different for so many.   I am thankful for my Donor Family each day. 

On Sunday of this coming weekend I shall be attending a Rose Planting Ceremony in The Gift of Life Garden here in Adelaide to pay tribute to the many organ and tissue donors and their families for making new life possible.  I have just received an email telling me my younger daughter and her partner will be attending the Rose Planting with us.  Joy is with me. 

I know that yesterday was Thankful Thursday and it was Thursday in USA this miracle took place so it is fitting that we mention it here.

The joy certainly is in the journey and I share the joy of so many friends as they travel their road and I also share the sorrow and burdens that some carry when sickness takes hold and life is changed.  There are two particular ladies I am holding close to my heart at the moment both with very different circumstances, but both in need of love and care.  Distance prevents me giving both Nicole and Terry a hug, but my thoughts are with them both and I send love on angel wings.

When illness knocks on our doors it effects different people in different ways and Nicole is a family member and it is Terry who is ill and both of their situations are impacting on loved ones with stress and pain.  It is a very difficult road but you do not walk it alone.

Nicole's young daughter Angel brought a smile to her face yesterday when she said:::::::::
"Mum, don't forget that Dad wants a Forrest Gump cake for his birthday "
 - no Angel he wants a Black Forest Cake.   A bright spot in a difficult day.

Melissa can be very proud of her 17 year old son who is checking in and keeping us up to date with news.    

I feel it a great honour to share the news I have with you all - joy and sorrow mingled together to make a beautiful tapestry ~ threads woven with love and care.

I have an early appointment today so will be off for a while - I like early appointments and on the way home I shall check in at the Post Office and the very sad thing is that it is located right next door to Baker's Delight and I usually get tempted into going in there and that's never a good thing.  

I send love and care to all who struggle and wish you strength for your journey and the ability to find joy in it.   To those care givers out there, and those who take on the responsibility for these sick folk please remember to take special care of yourselves ~ you know who I mean; it is imperative that you keep up your own strength and maintain your own health.

Thanks for visiting and sharing the musings of a heart that rejoices at the wonder of organ donation and transplant.

Love and hugs,

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Whimsicalnotions said...

Great now im crying you have a gift with words and that is so lovely that someone has the gift of life because of the kindness of another person and their family.Im so sad teh post office is next to bakers delight it must be just terrible. Wishing you polka dot gumboots to jump in puddles;