Friday, April 13, 2012


"We savour life's simple joys, for the we are the dreamers,
The silent music makers 
And the followers of fancy."

Welcome to Friday evening and the end of a truly beautiful autumn day in Adelaide and one I have taken very quietly ~ I have been a dreamer ~ a silent music maker and have enjoyed my day here at the keyboard, collecting mail and talking on the telephone for a good part of the day.   Alexander Graham Bell is a star as far as I am concerned with his invention of the telephone,   In just a few moments with the push of some buttons I can be across the suburbs or across the world.   I travel across time and space and love the interaction of it all.

There is not much I don't like about communication ~ I love email, blogging, messaging, text messages, quick local phone calls and long and lovely interstate and international calls.   I would prefer to go without my dinner than without my phones or Internet.  

I collected very special mail this morning from the Post Office, along with a not so nice bill ~ but twice this week there has been international mail in my box and it has brought such great joy.
I did some shopping before coming home to enjoy the opening of my letter  (the bill could wait) and I was delighted with the wax sealed parchment letter that was inside the bubble pack.  Old fashioned sealing wax and a letter written with ink on beautiful parchment ~ back to the days of scribes and writers and it was pure delight to receive, open and read.  Breaking the seal was a challenge as I felt it was too nice to open ~ but I did and I am glad I did.   The letter was filled with the wonder of living in possibility and the sheer joy of living and loving.

The mail and phone calls have been a wonderful release and comfort to me ~ Jenny and I always have long conversations and put the world to right and it is wonderful to have friends like that.  Friends who love me for just what I am and during today's long chat with Jennifer, she shared with me how dreadfully worried she was when I was so ill.  I think I was too ill to care about worrying but seems lots of my friends did it for me.

I am looking forward to a quiet Saturday and maybe a movie on Sunday with "The Golden Girls". 
Mary has returned to her mountain at Murwillumbah and will each day look out of her windows onto Mount Warning and be happy.  It was time for her to go home for medical appointments and they can't wait.

However you spend your weekend and wherever you are - take some time to stop and really see things around you - the turning of the autumn leaves, the waking up of the world to springtime, wherever you are in our beautiful world.  There is joy to be had in a small and intimate cafe by the shore and with a small table near a crackling fire and shelter from the rain, or digging in the earth and setting the pattern for summer flowers.   Do some cooking with the little children in your life, take them for a walk or to the playground ~ listen to their squeals of laughter as you run and play with them.    Store this memories deep in your hearts and they will last you for a long time.
Be sure to read them stories and relive your own childhood fancies.   Blow bubbles with them or fly a kite ~ go back to your own childhood days and share them with this generation.

Dream, imagine and live in possibility and hope and I thank you for visiting the musings of my heart ~ a quiet and much loved heart that is thankful for life itself.

Love and hugs,

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