Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today has been sunny and cool in my fair City  - a typical Adelaide autumn day and truly beautiful.  I have done much writing and lots of thinking.

I was out and about early this morning to have my Mammogram - I have always had this done regularly and made a promise to Vicki who recently lost her battle to Breast Cancer, that I would continue to have the examination, ask questions and seek opinions.   A wonderful legacy for her to leave if she can get a whole bunch of women to commit to this.

I have lost three Facebook friends in two weeks ~ Vicki and then Kristy who was too ill for transplant and Patrick who just couldn't overcome the complications from his heart transplant and this has only served to make me realize that we all live on borrowed time.   None of us are guaranteed tomorrow and that we do have a duty to live our lives to the full.

It is a duty and an honour to stand in the sun, to listen to the wind, to walk the shoreline, pick up shells and stones, to stomp through autumn leaves and indeed to stop and smell the roses.  To deliberately walk past the Bakery to smell the warm bread just coming out of the oven.   To visit a coffee shop and drink in the aroma of the coffee beans freshly ground.

To walk outside and smell freshly mowed grass and to smell rain on a warm earth ~ to observe the changing of the seasons where Spring is awaking and bringing joy to tender hearts. To dig in the earth and help to promote new life with new plants.   To experience the drawing in of the evening and the cool wind that blows around four in the afternoon.  To watch the phases of the moon and stand under a diamond studded sky.

To watch the planes take off and wonder where they are going and the purpose of their journey  ~ to write letters and to share love and laughter.   These are very special gifts and ones we all take so much for granted.

I am glad for the reminders that life is short and should be lived and I plan to honour Vicki, Kristy and Patrick and by remembering them as I get out and about and enjoy my living.   I will miss them all ~ I will miss what I became when I was interacting with them ~ I shall miss so much of their lives, but will go on living in possibility and hope.

I shall honour too the gift of life from my Donor whose name I have learned was "Owen" ~ I am blessed so very much to have received this gift.

I have had wonderful conversations recently over time and distance and also received beautiful mail and these are the things that make my life sweeter, my sky bluer and my sun shine a bit brighter.

I am thankful for small mercies, small miracles and for the privilege of living on borrowed time.

I am alive and well and living life to the full.

Love and hugs and thanks for visiting the Musings of My Heart  ~ a heart that has been totally overwhelmed in recent days by events, by life and  by love.   A heart that is truly thankful.



Carole said...

Good luck. As a survivor all I can do is ,say kia kaha - this means stay strong.

ladychiara said...

A beautiful post Linda as I would expect from you always. Gentle hugs and treat yourself kindly at this sorrowful time. I cherish having you in my life my friend. xxx