Thursday, May 31, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to Thankful Thursday - a day when I try to blog about things to be thankful for and a day doesn't even come close to being enough time - every day there is so much to feel gratitude for.

Today I am aware of my world - the sun is shining and the sky is blue but it is cold and a very heavy dew graced my lawn this morning.  I am thankful for vision to see this wonderful world and for hearing to listen to the birds and to beautiful music, to hear the voices of those I love.

I am thankful for an early morning phone call and hearing a voice I love, someone who just needed to talk - I am thankful for the technology that allows this to happen and for the comfort and reassurance that this precious soul knows that it is okay to call.  I am thankful too for my warm bed and the phone alongside it - no dashing to answer a phone.  I am thankful for the bliss of snuggling down again to sleep knowing I had been an anchor for this soul.

This coming weekend is a time of thanksgiving - it is the Annual DonateLife 
Service of Remembrance and this year it is a morning service again and at Prince Alfred College.

I will attend with a humble and thankful heart in the company of family and friends and so many other people who will lift their hearts in thanks for Donors, their families and for life itself.  I shall give thanks for Owen and his family without whom I would not be alive today. 

I am constantly amazed at the difference my gift of life has made - there were times when I couldn't walk from my bed to the bathroom and now I am going out and doing amazing things. 

 If you are a member of a Donor family - my love and thanks to you for the generosity of your family member.  Recipients know exactly how I feel and I encourage you all to get out there and do amazing things - spread the word - be a positive influence in the world.  Allow your thankful heart to influence your life and live, laugh, love and be very happy.

I am thankful as always for my Internet connection and the wonders of technology - it certainly enhances my life and brings much joy closer in by it's accessibility.

Find things to be happy for - find things to be thankful for and live each day with a thankful heart.

Find a special place that comforts and soothes you and visit there often, play music often, sweet and low and loud and triumphant.  Celebrate the lyrics that often put into place the thoughts you have trouble gathering.  Read a book, share a book, watch a movie with friends and loved ones.  Laugh a lot, enjoy a lovely meal out, find a craft to allow your creativity to blossom ~ share your crafted items and the immense joy they bring.   Take a walk on the beach and have ice cream - feel the wind in your hair and the salt sea air on your lips, dance on the wind and in all things give thanks.

Thank you for visiting the Musings from My Heart - a thankful heart filled with love for my life and those who share it with me.  I am blessed indeed.

Love and hugs,

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