Friday, June 1, 2012


Welcome to Friday in my little corner of the world - Friday evening and today has been grey and overcast as befits the first official day of Winter.

It has been a day filled with much conversation and concerns which I am happy to say have resolved themselves and now leave a calm and peace.

Illness in a family is very stressful time particularly when the whole family team doesn't get involved with support and care and it is left to just a couple of people.  But I am proud to say that the two this has been left to are particularly special people who are stepping up to the bar and accepting responsibility with good grace ~ very good grace.   Days are not easy and will become increasingly difficult for them and I proud of the dignified way they are handling things.

It is my plan to give them the support that they need to care for their loved one by encouraging and being a listening ear when needed.

It will be important for those caring to be present to each moment and particularly the times when they get respite from caring.

It is very important that whoever we are, wherever we are and whatever our thinking is that we are present to each moment of our lives, or as the quote above says you will miss lots of your life.

Listen carefully when someone speaks to you - try not to be pre-occupied, make sure you really listen to what is being said.  Hear the words and hear the things they are not saying BE PRESENT TO THE MOMENT

Take the joy of sitting in the sunshine, walking on the beach, listening to the birds and the ocean and absorb as much as you can to strengthen you and see you through the difficult days ahead.  BE PRESENT TO THE MOMENT.

Listen to the music that thrills your soul - music that someone special has chosen for you and although they may well be thousands of miles away ~ BE PRESENT TO THE MOMENT of shared music.  Know that you have this music because it was chosen for you.  

Try to create special smiles by letters, cards and a good does of "silliness" ~ it is so very special to be able to be silly with someone near and dear to you and when those letters arrive know that there will be smiles.

Spend time with your children - be they little children or the beautiful young people you have raised to life a good life - spend time listening to what they have to say, respect the people they have become with opinions and a life of their own.   BE PRESENT TO THE MOMENT and know that they are who they are today because you had a part in raising them.

It is easy to let our minds go wandering and to become so engrossed in life and living that we do not allow ourselves the time to be at home with ourselves.   Live in the moment, - remember your past with respect but don't dwell there - turn your face to the sun so that the shadows are behind you.

It is almost two and a half years since I faced my own mortality and knew that I would not be here at all without the generosity of a special person who was PRESENT TO THE MOMENT and made provision for organ donation.  I live in the light of love and care and my life is sweet again, but I also live with the very firm knowledge that I must not allow pain, misery or memories to rob me of my joy of life.  Yesterday has gone and while I respect it and recall, I no longer live there and it does not define me.  I am who I am because I choose to live a life of gratitude with awareness and to be
PRESENT TO THE MOMENT and it is lovely - I am at home with myself and feel that I am at last who I was born to be.

I am not planning on missing any of my life and my love - I am happier and more at peace than I can recall - and I wish this for you.  Be present to each moment of each new day - don't miss a thing.

As I attend the Donor Family Memorial Service on Sunday - I will be very present to each moment and very aware that I live because an organ donor gave me the gift of life and I am thankful.  I shall BE PRESENT TO THE MOMENT.

Take in the smells, sounds, tastes and beauty all around you and allow yourself time to rest, restore, refresh and rejuvenate.

Be at peace with yourself and your world and I am glad you called by to visit the musings of this contented heart on this first day of winter.

Love and hugs,

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