Saturday, June 2, 2012


Saturday is here - the weekend is upon us and this is the first weekend of winter and the day has been cold, but sunny.  Winter days are lovely and the ground is wet and dark and somewhere under that ground daffodil bulbs are waiting for the right signs from Mother Nature so that they can boom and be the heralds of Spring.

Nature is a wonderful thing and I received a picture message early this morning from USA of a beautiful rose.

This rose was planted in a garden near Cape May on the Jersey Shore and is planted to celebrate my life after donation and to pay tribute to the wonderful man to whom I owe my life.   This rose is the first bloom on the bush and there are buds in abundance - prolific and full of life.  This is so symbolic - new life and a blossoming in health and abundance.  The rain was falling steadily at Cape May and the raindrops made diamonds on the petals.

A distance of over 10,000 miles from where I live to where this rose grows and it was planted by someone who also knows the value of the gift of life and has a similar rose planted celebrating his own life and respecting his donor, and whose friendship is cherished.  It make me quite emotional and teary and I was touched that this rose chose this weekend to bloom and shine.   A new blossom on the weekend of the Service of Thanksgiving - kind of makes it very special.

It is wonderful to gather with other like minded people to celebrate the gift of life.  I shall celebrate with my family and friends and share in the wonder of the gift of life.

Nature is very beautiful and as we slide into cold and windy days our northern hemisphere friends are enjoying the warmth and length of summer days, times at the b each and barbecues and outside meals.  Swimming pools are ready and soon School will be out and summer holidays will begin and the splashing of water and the sparkle on the ocean will bring joy to hearts.

I am fascinated by the changing of the seasons and the pull of the moon on the tides and the grasses and flowers that come and go, the spring flowers, the autumn leaves, the last rose of summer and winter days as the years roll on by from one to another.   Each new season serves to remind me that I did in fact receive the gift of life - and I will live that life to the full and enjoy every moment living in possibility.

There is joy in the journey of my life - it has not been without difficulty but please don't visit me in my past for I don't live there any more and I stand with my face to the sun so that the shadows are behind me. 

Colours are brighter, the sky is bluer and the sun shines brighter for me, there is a song in my heart and a smile on my lips and I am at home with myself.

I have spent the afternoon watching a favourite movie of mine - "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe" and I find I like it just as much every time I watch it.  It is delightful to take time aside and indulge myself every now and then.

Wishing you a bright and pleasant journey with friends and family to love and cherish you - and may the days be filled with laughter and love.

Thanks for visiting the musings of this thankful heart and I hope that the sun shines brightly for you on your Saturday/Sunday.

Love and hugs,

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A rose as pretty as u.