Thursday, June 7, 2012


Welcome to Thankful Thursday where the sun is shining in my world and in my heart.    I can't believe it is Thursday - the days just drift on by and suddenly we are near the end of another week.    My life is full of many things and happy times.

Sunday last was the Donor Thanksgiving Service which was truly lovely - held in an impressive Hall in the grounds of a beautiful College on the outskirts of Adelaide.   The wind was chilly but there was music and tears and special stories to be told.

Sitting there among my family and friends, between my daughters I could not help but be aware of how huge the impact of my illness and transplant had been on these lovely people.  They carried me on the wings of love and prayer and were there for me in spite of their own feelings.  For my daughters I can only imagine the pain they felt and the fear that grabbed their hearts and yet they were constant in their care of me ~ they never faltered.  I remember seeing fear in their eyes and trying to joke with them to brighten their days and now when I look at them, that fear is gone.   I no longer get daily phone calls because they know I am doing very well.   

My heart is eternally grateful to the people who supported my daughters during this time - their partners were just wonderful and will always be special in my heart.

One on the speakers on Sunday who is the recipient of a double lung transplant spoke in a way that made me realize how awful it had been and how much I have to be thankful for.   She mentioned that she could not laugh or spend time with her friends - and I remember those days very well when my family would do things and I was too ill to participate.  She ended her speech by saying "Thank you for my life" and that was when it became crystal clear to me that I too had been given my life back.

The music was splendid and two of my favourite pieces were played and also one of my Dad's favourites too so it was a delight to be in the company of Donor Families and Recipients alike and to share the wonder and joy that organ donation and transplant is.  It is like being part of a special miracle and for that I shall be always thankful.

Two members of my Transplant Coordinator Team were at the Service and it was as special time when they, and all the other team coordinators were introduced and acknowledged.

Part of the routine of transplant is a continuing monitoring by the Unit concerned and this is my week for my three month check up - I go to Flinders on Friday afternoon after having bloods drawn yesterday.  I would much prefer not to have to go but I go with a cheerful spirit and gratitude that it is three months between visits.

My days are full and happy and I live my life in possibility - I had a wonderful conversation for a long time last night with someone who also feels like this and is the recipient of a double lung transplant.  We spoke of how we are changed and and how we now live each day to the full in love and hope.  It was a great conversation. 

Life isn't quite so sweet for some I know and there are difficult situations because of illness of family members and other family members being just plain difficult and neglectful.   It is very hard when all the responsibility falls to just two of what should be a much bigger team of people working together in care and love for the one who is ill.   

Courage and Strength be yours if this is your journey and I send loving care and hugs your way.  It is my prayer that when night comes for you there is a sweet and peaceful rest and the morning arrives with a refreshed and calm spirit allowing you to face another day of difficulty.   Please take care of yourself and each other - you know who you are and you know that I care very much,

Life deals us some severe blows at times and there are threads that we are uncertain how to weave into the tapestry of our lives and we think deeply and often about this.   It is my hope that however you choose to weave these loose and oftimes unwanted threads into your fabric that there is peace and joy in your hearts in the knowledge that you have done, and are continuing to  do your best.

Winter is really upon us in Adelaide and the nights are cold and crisp and we have had very heavy rains  and I think of my daffodil bulbs in the dark and cold brown earth and hope they are getting ready to burst forth in blossom in my springtime.   It is almost time to prune my roses and I am reluctant to do this because there are still blossoms there, but I will get them done very soon.

I had a meeting last night and there was poor attendance and therefore it was cancelled - too nice at home by the fire I think, so I was home again early and able to sit a while and think how fortunate I am to be out and about not only in daytime but in evenings too.

Life can be difficult but if we hold on to hope, love, and faith, find a little laughter and music to add to the mix and show some tenderness to others, the journey is not quite so difficult.

Wherever you are, however difficult is your journey know that I send care on the wings of a winter wind to find you and comfort you and to refresh your hope and trust.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart today - a heart humble and very aware of the gift I have been given.

Love and hugs,

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