Saturday, June 9, 2012


Good morning and welcome to Saturday Morning in my little corner of the world where winter has us in her grip.    The temperature this morning at the Airport (not far from my home was almost 0 (32 Fahrenheit) and the lawns were frosty and white and it was very cold.

It is a lovely time of year though,  I love the warmth of winter meals, soups and casseroles and snuggling down in a warm and safe bed.  I love the wind in my hair and I love the silver grey clouds that often grace a pewter coloured sky and then when the sun does shine I am again refreshed at the beauty of my world.

Yes I am a dreamer and I want to always walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners and the doers because they inspire me.   INSPIRATION is my word for 2012 and those people who keep their feet firmly planted on the ground and their heads in the clouds amaze me.    Those people who grab courage with both hands and face immensely difficult situations with such grace and dignity even though the situation is not at all what they want to be doing or had planned.

Sometimes life tosses us a curved ball and how we play it is up to us - we can accept the difficulty and deal with it or stress ourselves out with frustration and disappointment.  With acceptance comes courage, graciousness and great dignity and I have seen first hand this happening to one I love very much.   The situation is very difficult but the choices made are bringing calm and peace and adding to the tapestry of life.    It's how we weave those threads into our tapestry that define our character.   We can take the random unruly thread and make a feature of it or just weave it in with the other colours and make a beautiful picture.

Sometimes these threads form a border to all the other colours of our lives and surround us with very great learning, acceptance of ourselves and a learning of how to love more and to be kinder. 

How are you weaving the tapestry of your life?   Are the colours bright and beautiful and does the tapestry reflect the depth of your character and personality.  The tapestry of the life I am talking about is enhanced and made more beautiful by the difficult days and the random thread.  Such lessons learned and dignity gained.

I watch the shuttle fly as the loom works and I am proud of decisions made and also the very special care being given in this particular circumstance - a difficult one which is at times agonizing - I see in action here true human dignity and grace and I am very proud.

I am delighted at this cold weather because my daffodil bulbs will be relishing it all and getting ready to be the heralds of spring and burst forth in a blaze of pink.  

Celebrating the birth of a beautiful baby girl - born Friday in Indiana - a great grand daughter to my friend Cheryl.


Welcome to our world Grace - may the tides of life carry you gently and storms leave you safe in their wake. 

I had my appointment at Flinders Clinic yesterday and my blood work was excellent and my drug levels good too - slightly elevated blood pressure but that's about all.   I am delighted to say I don't have to get back into the Clinic routine until mid - September ~ I am truly blessed.  I am delighted to add the news that others have got good reports at their check up times too.
Life is difficult for those who are on the waiting list for transplant and my love and care is with them always.   I know very well how awful that time in the waiting place can be and I thank God daily for Owen and other Donors who had the foresight to make provision for their organs to be donated and  the blessings that are mine because of this.

The whole experience has not so much changed me as deepened the conviction in my soul that there is much I can do for my fellow man in simple and ordinary ways and I try so very hard to do that.   I use every opportunity to increase awareness of organ donation and will talk to friends and family and total strangers about the journey that I walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the planners, the doers and the successful people.

"My destiny calls and I go,
And the wild winds of fortune
Will carry me onward,
Oh whithersoever they blow."

I hope wherever you are in the world right now that your heart is at peace, that you are comfortable with decisions you have made and that you rest easy in the knowledge that you have done and are doing your best in difficult days.

I hope that this weekend brings you "time out" or time set aside for rest, restoration and renewal - away from the difficult grind of the weekly task and time with those you love, good coffee and some sunshine.

To those of you celebrating birthdays this weekend I send Congratulations and my wishes for a great celebration of life.   There is someone very special in my life having a Saturday birthday - Happy Birthday Darling.

We are out to dinner this evening and I am looking forward to that.
Thank you for visiting the musings of this very thoughtful heart.

Love and hugs

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