Friday, June 15, 2012


Good Afternoon and welcome to Friday Afternoon in my little corner of the world and don't go asking me where this week has gone because I have no idea - it has just flown by and I don't appear to have achieved very much.

The week started off well but for a while it went down hill and Tuesday was a distressing afternoon for me which threw me out of alignment for a little while, but thank you for lovely support and phone calls, I am back on track.

Our country has settled into the grip of a very cold winter - well at least it is very cold for us and Western Australia experienced extremely strong winds and much damage which continued for many hours and left thousands of homes without electricity for long periods of time.

The strong winds continued on an eastward pathway and Mother Nature was not in a good mood when she visited us on Wednesday evening and into Thursday - she wore a charcoal grey gown and the wind tossed her hair around and she howled for most of the night.  I lay in bed and listened to her as she vented her anger and dropped heavy falls of much needed rain.    By morning on Thursday she seemed tired and happy to ease up - and by mid morning her fickle nature allowed there to be smiles and sunshine but the wind still blew. 
The leaves tossed and tumbled and although sunny it was watery and cold.

Storm over Adelaide Wednesday night (Glenelg)
Thank you Joe for this photograph - from the other side of the world.

Today has been much the same and when four o'clock this afternoon came, the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped again.

I have been aware this week of the many ways I am blessed and the things I am thankful for.  I have a home, warmth, a comfortable bed and shelter from the storm.   I am sheltered from the storms of life in other ways too - I have wonderful support both locally and from far away.   Phone calls and messages have been many and appreciated and reinforce with me the depth of the care of those I love.

There is sadness in many lives and life is tough for some of you due to illness and the load of work and care for family members and fatigue sets in.
It is more than a physical fatigue - it is an emotional fatigue and the caregivers often put there own needs aside.   If you are a caregiver - please care for yourselves, your health and your emotions.   Rest and restore when you can and ask for help if you need it.    

I am constantly aware of the depth of care and the things that caregivers have to do for those they are caring for - you are an amazing group of people - showing love, care and concern.  

I am proud of my friends who call me and tell me they have a cold or flu and that I should stay away because of my compromised immune system. I appreciate those calls - an expression of their care.

I took a visit to the Beach this morning to do something for a friend who could not keep a promise to someone who lives in America.   Our American friend has lost a child and wanted a photograph of her Baby's name written in the sand at the beach - it was cold there and I got wet feet dodging the incoming tide, but this is what I did for her.  

"Kylie's name in sand"
The incoming tide.
The tide was moving fast and there was lots of weed, but I hope these photographs bring some peace to little Kylie's family.

Although it was cold and breezy I loved the wind in my hair and the company of a beautiful little dog named Bentley who decided that he and I should be friends.

I have spent today quietly and done what I can to support those who need care - I am doing the best I can.

I have done some cryptic crossword puzzles, viewed some lovely photographs of Baby Grace, talked with friends and generally enjoyed my day.

Grace Leigh Ann

Tomorrow we have a birthday lunch for the daughter of a friend.  I can't really recall just how old Jessica is  but I do know that she is growing up far too quickly and that she keeps her parents well and truly on their toes with sporting events and social functions.   I am not sure if Jess is 13 or 14 - I'll find out tomorrow.   It will be nice to see her, her family and my Father's partner Jean and it will be good to be home before it gets too cold again.

I am sorry to have been missing in action for such a long time and will hopefully get back into routine - it's been a strange week and just to cap it off my printer started being difficult but I gave it a few thumps and it seems to be back on track. 

I am anxiously awaiting mail which seems to be taking forever but I did receive a card from New Zealand and a special shell one from Cape May and a parcel arrived today.  So there have been good days and not so good days, but through all of this I can confidently and clearly state that I am alive and well and I am thankful.

I am thankful for a special friend who also rejoices in life post transplant and I continue to hold close those who wait and those who are very new.  There are struggles for many but I believe a positive attitude certainly helps.
My transplant and illness doesn't define me - it is what happened to me and I now live in possibility with my face to the sun and shadows behind me.  I start every day with a thankful heart.

Wherever you are in this world - if you are cold and living in winter then stay warm and cozy and enjoy all the lovely winter things - hot chocolate, lovely casseroles and soups and if your little corner of the world lives in summer time - stay cool, use your sunblock and enjoy icy drinks and lovely salads and times by the sea.

You are in my thoughts and I thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart that has been a little out of step with life, but is back on track.  Always no matter what is happening I am aware of how very lucky I am and how loved I am.

I am doing the best I can.  

Love and hugs,

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