Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Welcome to my Ruby Tuesday - hope all is well in your little corner of the world ~ the days are just flying by and soon it will be mid year and winter will have arrived in earnest.    We have had some cold weather and lots of rain - but today a watery sun shone for a few hours and it was very welcome.

Try always to be positive in your conversation and to share your joys and blessings,  play down your problems and for sure more good things will come your way when you do. 

Tuesdays are busy for me these days and I was at the hairdresser in the afternoon instead of the usual morning.

I am constantly aware of how far I have come and how much I am able to do - driving this afternoon to an appointment I was aware of travelling past the airport where the road speed is 80 kms. per hour and I adjusted my speed alarm and hiked along with all the other cars.   So different from when I wouldn't go out in the car without another driver just in case I couldn't do it.

I have been in and out of the car all day and held up really well - I am proud of myself and delighted by the pure joy of living ~ simple joys, ordinary things, normal things bring the sweetest of joys.

I have been to have my hair done today ~ this was in the car on the way home. 

There are road works everywhere and several nasty accidents on the road today - I was blessed to avoid both.

You all know how much I like and enjoy Christmas and today I received a special gift in the mail - a lovely lovely Christmas card and a gift that brought smiles to my face.    Some of you may recall me playing "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas - well today I got my wish.

My package contained Happy Hippo biscuits with the words that this was the best that could be done - I was delighted and the biscuits were lovely. 

It was as piece of silliness and there is nothing quite like having a kindred heart and spirit to be silly with - everyone needs some silliness in their lives - it brings laughter and much joy. 

Such special sharing of friendship, love and care and the thoughtfulness just blows my mind - I am blessed indeed in so very many ways and love my life.

I am going "WIFI" tomorrow - John and I are installing it - so wish us luck - it should be fine and I can always ring someone if we get stuck.

I am looking forward to winter nights curled up in my lovely warm bed with my laptop.   I am mesmerized by the technology of it all.

I always enjoy snail mail and go off with great anticipation to the Post Office each day and get quite excited when the girls there say "You've got Mail."

Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday - may there be sparkles and gems in your day - live life with love and happiness and share the joy of your heart with those you meet.

Thanks for calling by to read the musings of my heart - a wonder filled heart today as I live in a wonderful wonder filled world.

Love and hugs,

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RellaB said...

just as well you didn't ask for your two front teeth