Sunday, May 27, 2012


Welcome to my Sunday morning where the sun is actually showing her face after several grey grey days, but it is a very watery sun and no warmth in it, but the sky is brighter and there are patches of blue sky.

It's been a busy few days in my little corner of the world - culminating yesterday in a full day beading class which I thoroughly enjoyed - I was working with tiny seed beads and crystals and have to finish the project off at home - I am determined not to let this become another U.F.O. (unfinished object) it is very heavy on the eyes and sitting for six hours in a most uncomfortable chair meant eye strain and back ache, but a hot shower on coming home soon eased that.

The days have been very cold and settling into a warm bed has been lovely and I have slept much better recently (missing text messages and phone calls at times.)

It is lovely to share times out with friends by the wonderful medium of cell/mobile phone and to share their joys 

I want to share with you the joys of new life, new growth and hope.

This is a beautiful rose planted in a special garden in a small town on the Jersey Shore of USA.   This rose is planted in a Garden called "Garden of Life"  and is planted to celebrate the new life post transplant of my dearest friend and to honour his Donor.  This is the first blossom on this rose and as the photographs shows it is very beautiful and there is sunshine and shadow in the picture - which symbolized the change from illness to health and the joy -the darkness to to the light.  I received this photograph late at night and there were tears of absolute joy and delight.

Life before transplant can be so very difficult and the transformation that comes with a life saving transplant is amazing and wonderful to behold. I know this on a personal level with my own, but to share the joys and recovery of a treasured friend is a double blessing.  I have watched the changes, the improvements and, like the rose, the blossoming of this wonderful, caring soul.  

I have seen the changes, shared the ups and downs and watched the life changing experiences from half away round the world, and the significance of the blooming of this rose is certainly not lost on me ~ I understand very well the gratitude and the wonder at hearing from the Donor family.

We are forever changed and open to living each moment of our lives ~ living the length and width of our lives ~ living in possibility and facing the sun so that the shadows of the past are behind us.

There is, planted very close to this rose, a lovely pink rose which honours my life and that of my Donor and this is cherished.  I am deeply touched by this and very emotional ~ and that's okay - it is wonderful to be in touch with my emotions and to share life and love over time and space.

There is certainly joy in the journey and in every moment of every day I find reasons for giving thanks ~ not only for my life but for the love and friendship that has come out of adversity. I am alive and well and I thank all the powers that be for my transplanted life and that of my friend.

I missed the parcel delivery on Saturday so I will be off to the Post Office early on Monday to see what exciting thing is in the mail for me.   

I am a talker, a dreamer and a communicator and I love all forms of mail - email, text message, video chat, and of course "snail mail" ~ I enjoy the delight of opening letters and cards that come over miles and and I anticipate visits to the Post Office with great delight.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of this love and joy filled heart ~ a heart filled with gratitude.

Whatever you have planned for your Sunday - I hope that you will find joy in your journey and that the sun shines in your heart.   Take care as you travel through your life - keep your eyes on the hedgerow and not upon the thorns.

Live your life to the full length and width of each and find new joys each day.

Love and hugs,

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