Thursday, May 24, 2012


Good Morning on Thursday morning for me in the Southern Hemisphere - and I do believe winter is here with us.  It is as grey grey day with rain rain rain - and welcome and much needed and appreciated.   It is a better day than yesterday when the wind howled and blew very strongly.   I can deal with the rain easier than I deal with the damaging winds.

I have been out in the rain with camera in hand to try to capture "raindrops on roses" and was lucky to find this full blown rose (probably the last of the season) with raindrops on it - I hope you can see them.

I also took some photographs on rain spattered gum leaves and gum nuts:

I can find joy in the charcoal coloured sky and the pewter coloured clouds and delighted in finding one very strong rose, who although past her best, is still very pretty and delightful.

I did a concert yesterday with friends and it was pleasant enough - was an hour of Aussie Songs, Ballads and yarns and there was lots of the poetry of Banjo Patterson, Henry Lawson and C.J. Dennis and I enjoyed that very much ~ I love poetry and I really like Australian Bush poetry too.

Lunch was lovely at the Community Centre - a simple lunch of soup, bread rolls and sausage rolls - all very nice. It was good to get out and be part of what is happening in my local Council Area. I didn't see anyone I knew but strangers are only friends we haven't yet met. 

It was an out and about day yesterday with dinner at a local "Pub"  The Joiners Arms - very nice - nothing fancy ~ pleasant staff and nice food though

How different my days are - I am out and about joining the world again and that thought in itself makes me emotional and teary  - when I think back to the earlier days when I thought it a great achievement if I just got a shopping list written and handed on to someone to do the shopping.  Now I am able to pay my debt my helping others and did some shopping for a friend.

I have another beading class on Saturday and that should be fun - this is a picture of the necklace I shall be making :

This is Thankful Thursday (I am thankful every day) but Thursdays I usually take some time apart and give thanks for special times and things in my life and today as I listen to the rain falling I am grateful for my hearing and to see the raindrops on roses reminds me that I am blessed with sight.  I have my sense of smell and can smell the coffee sitting on my desk and I feel the warmth of gifts so freely given to me.  

Silk scarves arrived in my mail handmade for me and delightful. They warm me twice - they warm my heart as I think of the friendship I have and they are very cozy around my neck.

Of course it is pink - I am the Queen of Pink and earrings, glasses and lipstick all match - I don't this you will be surprised about that

During my times out and about I am meeting more and more people and as conversation allows I am able to share the joy I have in living my life on this my second chance and to share with them the wonder of organ donation and transplant.

Hopefully the wind will drop a bit further and I shall pick up my lovely pink umbrella and go for a walk in the rain ~ that is if my package arrives - I get very frustrated waiting for a courier to call - can't settle to anything else and am listening all the time.

Have a wonderful wonder filled day - find joy in your journey because that's what it's about - it is a journey not a destination.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of this happy heart on Thankful Thursday.

Love and hugs,

At this link you can read one of Patterson's most famous poems
"Clancy of the Overflow."

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