Sunday, May 20, 2012


Good Morning and welcome to my Sunday morning on what started out to be a grey grey day but the sun is shining right now and although it is quite cold, it is a very lovely morning.   I am certain that something fabulous is out there taking shape, emerging, peeking and calling my name.   I shall enjoy every moment of this wonderful Sunday.  

I am sitting at my desk listening to lovely music and with a cup of steaming coffee and peace reigns supreme.  My coffee is in a lovely mug which was a very lovely surprise gift from a special friend and that makes it all the nicer.
Music always soothes and calms me and evokes emotion and reaction and there are lovely thoughts and memories attached to songs and pieces of music.

I am watching very carefully my garden where I planted the daffodil bulbs for the first sign of life - but I am being impatient and know it is too early yet. I am waiting for the wonderful growth to happen.

The miracles of the technology available to us today just blows my mind - this is a photograph of Sunset on the Jersey Shore in USA taken not an hour ago and here I am in Australia putting it out to the world again.  It is very lovely and would have been amazing to see. 

Beautiful sunset

A greeting in the sand

I am getting used to working on a lap top (named "Isadora") not sure if you give names to your computer but I do and Isadora and I are going to be going places and she will travel in style in this lovely computer bag(a gift for Mother's Day from my girls.)

and I am patiently waiting for it to arrive from New Zealand and I can't wait - I love getting parcels and packages - some I know about because I ordered them and others just a total and beautiful surprise.

Sunday is turning out to be fine and warmer than the last few days and it is my intention to take pen and paper outside and write a letter - old fashioned "snail mail" is very special to receive and hand written letters from "my hand and heart to your hand and heart) are cherished and enjoyed often.  I guess you could say I am an "old fashioned girl" and that's fine with me - I am learning to seal my letters in the old fashioned way with a seal (learning being the operative word.)

The something wonderful in your day may be something which appears to be small and insignificant but which changes your thinking - A smile when you are feeling low, a surprise early morning phone call, news of a new arrival in your family, news of recovering health for someone who means a lot to you.  Keep your eyes open and your heart open to the wonderful things that can happen in your life.

I shared a lovely roast lamb dinner with Ilona and Narelle last evening and it was really lovely  - not only the meal but the company and laughter which we shared.

My evening will be spent with my family for a belated celebration of Mother's Day - I am thankful to my Donor for the gift of life which allows me to be part of family celebrations and that is something VERY WONDERFUL. 

I am so very blessed to be alive, well, happy, loved and cared for - more wonderful things.

Be aware and ready to accept the wonderful things in your life.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of my heart - and thankful and contented heart filled with wonder. 

Love and hugs

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Katrina said...

Ah have finally worked out why it takes so long sometimes to load your blog....actually had the sound turned on with the laptop just then and I heard music....ah mystery is solved...mine is hiccuping over that....Sounds like you're having a great day