Saturday, June 23, 2012


Welcome to Saturday morning in my little corner of the world - oh boy what a wet wet week this has been.    We reached the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year and winter held us tightly in her grip for most of the week.   It hasn't been very windy but there have been very heavy falls of rain for long hours and everything is squelchy under foot.

It has been a quiet week and one of keeping warm and dry.  I did go for a walk in the rain to mail some letters, and it was lovely - just a steady soaking rain  - me and my beautiful new umbrella.   All was well until coming home I was waiting to cross a road and standing on the traffic island when a big truck went past - yes you guessed. ~ big truck, wet roads, rain = wet Linda. It didn't matter because I was on my way home and could change out of the wet clothes.

Winter days mean comfort food and my slow cookers have been pressed into service and I have been making soups and casseroles and I have shared the soups and also stocked up my freezer for times when I don't want to cook.

How easy my life is - slow cookers to gently cook my food which can be left unattended and freezers for storing up for the winter.  I feel rather like a squirrel gathering for the winter.   When all this is done I have the dishwasher to help me clean up.  How spoiled I am!

The heading of this post "That Old Rocking Chair" is a reference to worry and it giving us something to do but not getting us anywhere.  I try so hard not to worry and I am much better than I used to be - but there are times when the gremlins get in and the worry fairy visits ~ I guess we all have those times.

Times when we "worry" about our health, our children, our family, friends, and just life in general and I have the rocking chair but am refusing to sit in in very often.  I live my life in possibility and in hope - turning my face to the sun so that the shadows are behind me.

Not worrying does not mean not caring or being concerned - of course we carry concern in our hearts but the agonizing worry is not good for us.

Dust off the rocking chair, admire it from afar, but refuse to sit and rock for very long as you won't get anywhere.   Live your life with faith and trust and hope.

Being shut in has means I have been "shopping" on line and had a wonderful time buying a pink leather cover for my new iPhone (I bet you are surprised at the colour - hehehe) a little surprise for a cherished friend, and a special gift that I promised I would research and I found the perfect one.

My lovely Laptop bag arrived on Monday and I am delighted - it was a Mother's Day gift from my daughters and I am really really pleased.

Today is Saturday and cold and grey again, but only light showers and it is a quiet catch up day for me.   I plan to take an outing to the river to take some photographs this afternoon and I will post them in my next post.

Sunday I have a new challenge - "The Golden Girls" - Ilona, Dianne, Narelle and I are doing a Japanese Cooking class in the afternoon - I have all my ingredients and Dianne is printing the booklet for me - Thanks Di ! 
This should be a challenge and it will be lots of fun - I imagine there will be lots of laughter and giggles.  I really don't know why I said yes but it will be an outing and an experience with a difference.  I'll let you know and perhaps share a recipe.

Wherever you are on this Friday night/Saturday morning I hope you are enjoying time with those you love, relaxing and generally just enjoying yourself.   Life is sweet and good most of the time - there are those who are struggling with their load at the moment and my love and care surrounds them.  Life does get tough for us, in spite of the fact that we know in our hearts we are doing the right thing.   There are times when everything piles up and we feel we are getting left behind - one step at a time and all will resolve. 

I send you all love and care and thoughts for whatever is happening for you in your little corner of the world.   Try to find some time for YOU this weekend, sometime in your garden, going out to dinner, walking on the beach or like me - beside a wet and full river.  If it is summer time - make sure you enjoy long cold drinks and find some shade and if like me you are in winter - get out your boots and coat and walk in the cold air.   I did think of a shopping trip - but it is much easier on line - hehehe.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart - a contented and happy heart, which also feels concern for those I love ~ and please try to keep out of the rocking chair.   

Love and hugs,

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