Monday, August 6, 2012


Good Evening from Australia and me - Monday evening for me at the end of a cold day, although the sun was shining ~ the wind was cold.  However, we are promised much warmer days by the middle of the week and then another change and back to cold days but it will give some respite to have warmer days.

All is well in my little corner of the world and today instead of napping I did some gardening - pulling weeds mainly and much to my delight I have discovered thirteen of the fifteen daffodil bulbs planted in a long garden bed have poked their heads through.    The two who are shy are at the end and in a shaded area so they would not have had quite the warmth the others have had.    I was thrilled to find them there and felt much joy in anticipating the flowers to come.  All ten of the ones I planted in the curved bed are up and flowering in stages.

I trimmed some Agapanthus plants and boy have they come on well during the winter - they are good and faithful and bloom away during our summer with little or no attention at all.

I have them in both blue and white and the intent was to alternate them along the garden bed, but I dropped the bucket holding the plants and it was much guess work and they were randomly planted and there is no pattern at all.    They are hale and hearty and growing wonderfully well.

My plan is to prune my beautiful Eiffel Tower rose this week and set it on it's way for summer blooms.  

We spent some time today tuning in a television and finally got it right, a bit of a waste for me because I watch so very little television, but it is there and ready for me to enjoy when the mood takes me.  

So all in all it has been a busy day for me - I did get some mail away in time for the six o'clock collection but didn't manage a nap today - but it has been a good day.   A day when I have felt the joy of being alive, being productive and being a caring soul.

I did see some television on the Advertising Channel while we were working on getting it right and John's eyes lit up at one of the products on sale - some  sort of slicing and dicing device and with his arthritis it may well be a good buy - so I suspect we will be ordering one by tomorrow.

I have re-discovered the joys of audio books (this time downloaded to my phone) and it is great to play while drifting off to sleep (I constantly have to rewind and find my place) or in the car while driving on my own.

My cancelled cooking class has been rescheduled for October and the way time is flying that will be here before we can blink.

I hope that wherever you are your Monday has been or will be as pleasant as mine and that you too will be left with a weary feeling of contentment at end of day.

I have heard several people talking about getting the ground ready for planting of tomatoes and I think that this year I shall grow mine again in a tub - I did very well the year before last, and I shall also grow some spinach in tubs. Tomorrow I am planting some parsley and coriander seeds and some petunias in tiny pots (these were purchases I made to raise funds for Henry's kindergarten so I am interested to see how they grow.

So there you have the gardening news from my home - I am not a very good gardener but am finding great joy in these daffodils and I noticed late today as I crossed the pathway that the petals from the almond tree were scattered all over the yard.   As the wind blew it was rather like watching big snow flakes fall - they are all over my car and it looks lovely - they will blow off as I drive along.

I wish you health and happiness, love and laughter, smiles and sunshine as you make your way into another week.  May nice things happen for you - smiles and kindnesses be yours and may you always feel and know that you are loved.

Thank you for visiting the musings of this warm and contented heart and I wish you a wonderful day/night.

Love and hugs,

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Carole said...

Great agapanthas! We used to call them Aggie's Pants. Cheers