Thursday, August 9, 2012


Welcome to Thankful Thursday afternoon in my little corner of the world and Mother Nature is trying to shine today, but keeps been excluded from centre state by grey and thick clouds and where a chilly wind is blowing.

Petals from the almond tree are blowing in the wind all over the garden and they look lovely - the daffodils are still blooming and birds are singing - it is certainly pleasant in my little corner of the world today.

How very true it is that "it's the little things" in many aspects of our lives - the little things that turn clouds into sunshine, a frown into a smile and tears into laughter.  

The touch of a hand, a telephone call, a text message, confirmation that all is well, an invitation to have a leisurely weekend lunch with a friend.   A video phone message from a little guy of five saying "thank you for my birthday books ~ I just love them."  The confident voice of an almost eight year old when I said - Oh my stylus is just like yours to be told - "no mine has glitter"

The smell of dinner cooking, bread baking and beautiful coffee all wafting on the warm air of inside on a winter day.

I have roses to prune - but today wasn't the day because of rain, but I hold fast to the joy of the little things when the rose will bud again and hold the promise of beautiful fragrant blossoms.

The joy of seeing someone who has been so ill now back into the work force and taking his place in the world and adding more joy to many lives that he realizes.

Mailing a pair of earrings to my elder daughter - made by a friend who has been "Aunt" to my girls since they were little children and knowing that they will be appreciated.

The pure joy of Naomi and Alexis planning their dream holiday and getting things in order ~ the "busyness" of their lives with work and study and the joy they share with friends and family.

A parcel of books arriving in the mail from USA - undamaged in transit and holding the promise of many happy hours of reading.

The pure and undiluted joy of letters in the mail - from your hand to mine - email is wonderful but 

"Please, Mister Postman, look and see.
Is there a letter, a letter for me?
I've been standing here waiting, Mr. Postman, oh, so patiently
For just a card or just a letter"
Life is full of little things that bring joy and pleasure and there are the little things that often bring pain too - but with love and care and support we can turn those sad moments back to moments of joy and find contentment once more.

I hope that you can find moments of joy in little things this day - and that you can remember to be thankful for them.

I wish for you today - a wonderful sleep in a cozy warm and comfortable bed, hot steaming coffee, sweet sweet music that stirs your soul and touches your heart,  letters and messages, excitement about holidays, the touch of a hand, the smile of the one you love, laughter and some silliness.   Walks by the ocean or the river, a long cool ice filled drink at the end of a hot day, a good movie to watch, a little time to linger longer in the hot shower and most of all I wish you peace of mind and the contentment of a job well done.

Reach out to someone today and give them one or two of the little things that will make their life sweeter  - send a card, a letter, a text, make a phone call  ~ just something to say "I am thinking of you and I love you"

May sweet roses bloom in your life and scatter their petals on your pathway and may the thorns remind you that life isn't always easy, but that you do not walk the pathway alone.

I wish for you scented breezes of the summer wind, rosy red cheeks from a winter wind, and diamonds at night in a velvet sky.  May your gardens blossom and bloom and provide untold joy ~ may you enjoy getting your hands in the dirt and communing with nature.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of this Thankful heart - thankful for oh so many things and which is filled with the wonder of our beautiful world.

Love and hugs

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