Sunday, August 12, 2012


Welcome to Sunday evening in my little corner of the world - and the days just seem to be going by in a whirl ~ seems an eternity since I posted a blog message and I don't seem to have achieved much either.

I have had a very social few days - lunch out on Friday and then a movie on Saturday and dinner out and a big nap this afternoon - I am still in the running for the gold medal for napping.

I woke this morning to find this beautiful daffodil in full bloom and dancing on the breeze - truly beautiful and a certain herald of spring and if you look very closely you will see petals from the almond tree in the tub - along with the fairy and cherub keeping watch over the bulbs.

Spring stirs my soul - I find joy in the waking up of the world and the new life and blossoms - autumn is still my favourite time of year "Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness" John Keats ~ and I love the mellow days of sunshine and cool evenings.   I am very aware of the changing of the seasons and I think that it is because I am thankful to still be here to see each one.

This is a clip for the movie we saw on Saturday - very Australian and very interesting.

An interesting film which covers parts of the Vietnam War, politics and events that happened in Australia.   There were funny parts, sad parts and as usual I came analysing exactly what some parts had meant.

and this is the hotel where we had dinner

The Largs Pier Hotel 

It was lovely to be out and about and to enjoy the company of friends, but I got tired and came home early.

This is the joy that is mine days in the sun, people who love me, laughter and kindness in my life, those who share their time and their story with me and allow me to be part of the making of memories.

I took some time out today to write some letters on paper - good old fashioned "snail mail" and generally that isn't a term that could be used with mail from Australia to USA, but recently it took 115 days for two cards to arrive from East Coast USA - now THAT IS A LONG TIME.  Both the sender and I were delighted that they turned up at all - I have no idea where they have been but suspect that they could have traveled by sea mail and not air mail - slow boat to Australia.

I have friends on holiday this coming week and I am hoping for nice weather, good company and good food and that they will be able to make wonderful memories with family and friends.   I hope the fishing is good Raymond.

I have lots I want to do this week and will make a list and then enjoy crossing them off as they are achieved - I am heading in to clean the bathroom - so if I don't appear for a while someone best come and look for me - a job I never relish - but my new steam mop should make that a much easier job (I hope).

This says it all - and I should have a much better attitude to doing those sort of things, because I have lots of time to do them ~ but I am a dreamer, a writer and I get side tracked easily. hehehehe

Thank you for visiting the musings of this thankful heart on my Sunday evening - or whenever it is for you.

I hope the sun shines for you and you are able to find a quiet spot to unwind, relax, read, or take a nap during your Sunday.   Enjoy making wonderful memories each day and remember to be a little kinder because everyone you meet is carrying some sort of burden and you may be the only contact they have with people that day.   Let the sunshine of your smile warm some one's heart.   

Make that phone call, send that text,  send that photograph that you have been promising to send - pick some flowers, send some flowers - bake a cake or cookies for someone - just be loving, caring and kind.

Love and hugs,

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