Sunday, February 24, 2013


"The rose and the thorn, and sorrow and gladness are linked together."


Welcome to Sunday afternoon in my little corner of the world, where the sky is very overcast and a storm is promised in spite of the heat.

I spent a lovely Sunday Morning in the Gardens not very far from my home where I attended the Donate Life Week Rose planting ceremony.  This was the launch event for Donate Life Week and there will be many functions and much publicity during the coming week promoting the issue of Organ and Tissue donation ~ an issue very close to my heart.

This morning I joined with Donor families, Recipients and their families and friends, Medical Staff and those who work very closely with Donor Families, to give thanks for the gift of life.

We were addressed by several Members of Parliament, a Donor Family representative and a Recipient and it was a lovely time - very emotional and many tears were shed.   I thought the quote above about the rose and the thorn was most appropriate for this blog post.  

I was able to sit with the husband of a newly transplanted lady who just wasn't up to being there and was able to give him support and introduce him to several people.   We caught up with our special Transplant Coordinator from Flinders Medical Centre, and it was nice to chat a while.

This is my third year of attending and this time was extra special to me because of the friendships and associations I have made during this last year with the Transplant community and to be greeted warmly when I arrived was very special.

Warmly is right - a very hot day, but arrangements had been made for there to be a Marquee with open sides for the wind to blow through, but everyone was able to be in the shade.  The arranging of this event and the catering was first class and it was delightful to be there.

I had the opportunity to speak with the Donor Family representative and to share their grief at the loss of their son and yet to rejoice with them in the celebration of life right in this lovely Garden of Remembrance.    The Garden is right on the fringe of the City Centre and is very close to a busy road where trams, cars, buses, trucks and cyclists pass every minute of the day, and it is right on a flight path for Adelaide Airport.   

The placing of this Garden in this situation is very special to me because it is the Garden of Life and it situated right in the middle of where life is happening and I feel it most appropriate.  A Children's "Road Safety" area has been placed close by - and there will be laughter and children's noises often near the garden - and on the other side a big playground is under construction.   All of these things represent "Life" and the roses growing there represent life too with the blossoms of joy for the recipients and the thorns of grief and sadness for the Donor families.   To me it all meshes together beautifully and I hope to attend many many more of these events.

Thank you for sharing my joy at my presence there - I visited the rose that was planted for my year of 2009 "Gift of Grace"  and it will grow beautifully alongside this year's "Spirit of Peace", last year's "Thank You" and other roses with beautiful names ~ Memory Rose, Close to You, Remember Me,  Joy of Life, Joy of Health, Reflection and In Appreciation.   Many different colours - representing the many and varied Donors and Recipients..

I spent some time in quiet reflection and took time to honour my Donor and his family and the Donor and family of my dearest friend , and thought of all those I now know who have been touched by Organ and Tissue Donation.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - today a heart filled with gratitude for the selfless gift of life given to me and so many and a heart that supports Donor Families.

"Oliver" -( my new liver ) and I are doing very well and I live daily with a thankful heart.

Love and hugs,

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