Monday, February 25, 2013


Welcome to Monday morning in my little corner of the world - and there is a song for this morning ~ "Rainy Days and Mondays"  - yes we have had some much appreciated rain but it seems to be easing now, so it has really just been a temptation, reminding us what rain is like.
It is still warm so it is now steamy.

I have the television on as I write and we are being flashed over to the Oscar Presentation evening with all it's "glitz and glam"  - lovely ladies in glorious gowns and with amazing accessories and handsome men in very smart suits gathered to acknowledge their own.
The Academy Awards are always interesting and I enjoy watching the presentations and the entertainment.

I have seen many of the films nominated in all categories and am interested and excited to see who wins.   One film I haven't seen yet is " LINCOLN  "- but this afternoon I am off to correct that oversight so as the awards are being made, I shall be viewing the film.

I have my own ideas of who just may or may not win and all nominated deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts and for the wonderful entertainment they bring to us.

A nice evening with singing by Adele and Barbra Streisand and Hugh Jackman -  I hope to catch this on a re-run.

If you are watching this event I hope you enjoy it and that you and your loved ones can enjoy conversation about the evening.and that as you recall the films you enjoy seeing starts given credit for their efforts.

These events take us out of our ordinary lives and we are able to enjoy the richness and glamour of it all.  I hope you enjoy the evening.

Life is sweet and today is a nice day for me and one that reminds me how blessed I really am.

How are you ?   Are you aware of your riches and the wonderful life you have ?  Are you thankful for each day and the little things that add joy to your days. - your health, food on your table, a warm bed in which to sleep.  The love of friends and family - the touch of a hand, a warm hug - please be aware of all these riches and hold them close to your heart.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart and for spending time here in my little corner of the world.    Find joy in the little things and take care of yourselves.

Love and hugs,

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