Friday, February 22, 2013


Good afternoon from my little corner of the world - it is a hot afternoon and storm clouds are gathering and I have heard one or two rumbles of thunder.  We are forecast for a summer storm and then hot again tomorrow.

Welcome to Friday where my day has been quiet and calm.  I did my grocery shopping this morning early, visited the Post Office and Pharmacy, said Hi to some local friends and then headed home to put the shopping away.   It must sound ungrateful, but I really don't like putting groceries away and I know I am so very lucky to have food in my cupboards and fridge and freezer.

I have let the day take me where it will and this afternoon I have been lying down under the fan and reading a while (somewhere there an hour got lost as I must have slept) I found my book on the floor and my glasses very crooked.

I have spent time on the phone to my daughters and a friend who needed some cheering up so we laughed a while and discussed lots of things - we even tried to put the world to rights - I don't think we succeeded there though.  I laughed with my friend who was trying to turn her mattress over and not getting anywhere.  

There is so much going on all around me that delights me and I am happy to allow life to do just that - delight me.   I can find joy in the little things - a quiche I cooked early which means that now dinner time is here I don't have to cook - that made me smile.  Shopping in the fridge all stored and neat, the sky is beautiful, my daughters are well and busy, I have a good book to read and all is calm in my little corner of the world.

Phone calls and messages from friends from all corners of the world, support and encouragement from may places.   I am well and take my medication as prescribed and that keeps me well - there is always something to be thankful for.

I heard a little child laughing this morning and that stirred my memories of days when my kids were small and I am thankful for those memories.   There are memories of people and places and beautiful flowers.   Daffodils in springtime, roses in my garden, summer fruit picked from a tree.

A special discount at the Store and the Pharmacy and an assistance who placed my bags in my cart because she remembered I had recently had a broken hand.

It is truly the little things that bring joy - a fragrance and a kindly word - a phone call which ends with I love you - and I love you too.   I am always sure to tell those I love that I do love them, I shall not have regrets about that.

Letters in the mail - the joy of mailing out things and the kindness of friends. 
My neighbour is 92 and yet each Monday he brings in my rubbish bin as well as his own - a little act of kindness and which helps him maintain his independence.  The sweet and soul comfort of music in all its forms and genres, a comfortable bed at the end of day and a soft and downy pillow to lay your head.   The lovely smell of clean linen and soft fluffy towels, coffee in the morning, the aroma of bread baking.   Look out for things and let life delight you.

Sunday will see me at the Rose Planting Ceremony in the Donate Life Garden of Remembrance - starting early in an attempt to avoid the heat and I shall think of my Donor and his family and the Donor who gave life to my dearest friend and I shall honour both families.

I shall stand with other thankful people and know how much this gift of life means.

I have a movie planned for next week and all in all it is a good life - I am healthy and well and doing just fine.   I am loved and cared for and the little things in life bring such special joys.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a little sentimental and pensive today, but oh so very thankful for the little things in life.

I am happy to let life delight me.

Love and hugs,

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