Friday, July 29, 2016


Shopping is not my favourite was of passing time, but I am lucky to live close to a shopping Centre with two supermarkets, two pharmacies, a Bakery, and the best Gift Shop I have come across in a very long time.

My favourite Supermarket opens at 7.00.a.m. and my Pharmacy at and most times by the time I have done the Grocery shopping, had some scripts filled it is time to pull up a chair at The Oreo Cafe for coffee and sometimes breakfast.  A call at the Post Office and the Bakery finish off an easy excursion.

The members of Staff at this shopping complex are all rather lovely and make the chore of shopping much easier and brighter.

I clearly admit how blessed I am to be able to shop locally and purchase the food I need from fresh supplies - everything from seafood to celery, coffee to cheesecake, tablets to trinkets - all at the one complex in pleasant circumstances.

I am blessed to have a warm home and food on my table and the medication I need and my lovely car to get me there.  

Have a lovely day and enjoy shopping if it is on your agenda and I hope you have a pleasant place to visit when you need to.

Love and hugs,


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