Thursday, July 28, 2016


Good Morning and welcome to Thursday, a happy day for this family because my son in law is arriving home (on the last leg of his (Melbourne to Adelaide) journey as I type.

He has been to Inverness, Scotland to a conference and to present a paper and been gone almost three weeks and for my daughter three weeks too long.
For me I find it hard when parts of the family are missing from the puzzle and with world affairs the way they are, I am always happy to have them arrive home safe and sound.

Today's technology allows us to monitor and watch the progress of flights which I rather nice and I have enjoyed his travels, but feel much better that in a very short time he will be back on the Terra Firma of home sweet home.

Welcome home Nick, glad to have you back home and wish you days relatively free of jet lag and time to enjoy the comforts of home.

Enjoy every member of your family and share their joy at travel and achievement and be welcoming when they return to the fold.

Love and hugs,


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